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Manny Lee
Manny Lee
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Not A Band, MC LYriCisT and Producer
Manuel D. Virata A.K.A. Manny Lee has been involved with music from a young age. He has found his calling as an M.C. Artist, and music producer. Making records for his prodigy, D.J. Romeo, intertwining techno, trance, European club mix and rap music, D.J. Romeo(Now DJ Majestic) soon began to climb the ladder of success. Manny Lee had by that time acquired the experience in rap, and producing music for club D.J.s. On the latter half of life, he had become a prodigy himself to the youngest manager in RTM history by 1996., managed The Tux Shop, (a formalwear co.), managed another formalwear co., Gingiss Formalwear, (In L.A.), within a 3 year time span. Joined the Navy in 1998 to help him in his endeavor in establishing his own record label. He founded HaffBlood Entertainment (Unregistered) in 1999, producing music for small time artist, and producing demos for artist such as Shannon Lee, Catastrophe, Kaos, Tim Pearson, D.J. Romeo/Majestic, and D.J. J.D. From here, he found airplay of his works in Orofino, ID, and, Spokane WA, and other various stations across the northwest (Royalty Free) He took his business with him to Japan, Bahrain, and Spain where he performed once again in clubs, and promoted his own works. Overseas fan-dom was a success, however he still did not have the funds to manufacture and advertise on a national level. Therefore his efforts were hindered to small time production. Coming to Corpus Christi was a blessing in disguise. A mutual friend to a Thomas Gregory Muse IV A.K.A. Lone star introduced Manny Lee. They hit it off from the get go, and agreed to a partnership under one label. With the extensive knowledge on the music industry, and in business management, Full Circle Entertainment was founded. This lasted about 7 months and 2 albums later, The partnership was thwarted, and FCE was closed due to lack of communication, and funding. So Manny took it upon himself to re-introduce HaffBlood Entertainment, as the CEO (Registered and Legit). Bringing back Old School Hip Hop, with Modern style retro-underground, and bass that will blow your trunk; Completed in 2003, Manny Lee, Gates Project was more of a success than Anticipated, but alas airplay was not enough to keep this train going. ***HaffBlood Entertainment had gone through a few transformation and as of now is undone and no more. Manny Lee has continued to self produce his music with Self Explanatory 2009 and is currently working on Mannyisms 101.
Band/artist history
My Whole Life.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, Anywhere I can, Yes, ?
Your musical influences
I love Music, all kinds Cept' Opera, I can only handle so much of it. Tejano is kinda drag also.
What equipment do you use?
ANything that MaKes a NoIsE!!!
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