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Richard Hendrix
Richard Hendrix
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Baroque Metal. Hendrix on Viola, Cello, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, and Tenor Recorder. Solo Artist.
I've been planning to start a metal/classical band with me:viola/cello, my best friend sostana: vocals, my friend ashley: harp(doesn't have harp yet), and eventually a drummer and bassist. But... with all the complications, I'm just going to do solo stuff for now. I guess I would classify it as Baroque Metal.
Band/artist history
I've always loved music since I was little, I always used to sing and play keyboard as a young kid. I first heard a viola at my baby sitters when I was about 7 or 8. One of the other girls there played viola. And I thought it sounded amazing. I really wanted to play it but couldn't start until I was going into middle school. In sixth grade I signed up for viola, clarinet, and saxaphone ::gags::. And the orchestra teacher was the first one to reply, so I ended up playing viola(thank Bach aka God). My 7th grade year on my free time in class I screwed around on the cello. I also got second chair in the Honor Orchestra of Longmong. I was first chair in my orhcestra. I scored a 1 in the solo competition performing Bouree by Bach on viola(My first solo performance ever!) In seventh grade is when I started writing music (solos, duets, and quartets). 8th grade our concert master left and I was elected to be the new first chair first violinist. I accepted. I began practicing bass and was in jazz band. I also practiced with the highschool orhcestra in the mornings, and was in encore choir. That year I also took home a cello to practice. I was first chair on viola for the first half of 8th grade. The summer after 8th grade I took home a bassoon to be in band in 9th grade. 9th grade, I was in orhcestra and band. I played viola in orhcestra and was 2nd chair. And I played bassoon in band (only bassoonist). I also took music history and begining guitar. (I also met Sostana that year) 10th grade I switched schools and there wasn't an orhcestra (yes it sucked ass). So i was in band on bassoon, and bass guitar in jazz band. That year I got my first viola and bass guitar. 11th. I swithced to a school that had orchestra and played viola and (sometimes) upright bass in orhcestra. I was once again the only bassoonist in band. 12th Grade I played viola, and somtimes violin bass, and cello in orhcestra. I performed the same solo I played in orhcestra in 7th grade my senior year for the Senior showcase. There was a girl who came up to me after the performance and told me that viola was her new favorite instrument. lol. I've been writing off and on since seventh grade. And since I got out of school I only practice viola, cello, and bass alone.......
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've performed rasputina covers on the cello with sostana singing, at parties. But other than that no. I love performing live though.
Your musical influences
For the solo music I write, some influences are Bach, Shostakovich, Schnittke, and Vivaldi.
What equipment do you use?
I have a viola, cello, bass guitar, keyboard, and tenor recorder.
Anything else?
Let me know what you think. E-mail's Rasputinaviolist@aol.com