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Darren Hancock
Darren Hancock
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Ontario Country music artist Darren Hancock and his band began their Fall tour in September 2005, and have been tearing up the Ontario Honky Tonks ever since.
With This Ring (the wedding song)
Peak in sub-genre #30
Hey folks! Darren here. Welcome to my SoundClick page, where I get to tell you all a bit about myself... thanks for stopping by! I am originally from Corner Brook Newfoundland, and moved from Eastern Canada to Ontario in 1994, with dreams of playing music. In '95 I joined a band called "High Noon", and we played the Southwestern Ontario circuit heavily for 4 and a half years, receiving two OCMA nominations for "Bar Band of the Year". I left the band in early 2000, and played with a few groups on the side, but nothing full-time. In August of 2000 I was recruited by a group called Moonshine, and was the lead singer/lead guitarist for five more years. Moonshine competed in the 2004 "Rising Country Superstar" contest, and won 1st place in Ontario. We opened for Doc Walker and Julian Austin, and in November 2004 won an Ontario Country Music Award for "Club Artist of the Year". Now venturing out on my own, I look forward to growing as a solo artist, promoting my new band and my own music (along with many of todays chart-breaking New Country hits). I hope to entice new fans to come along for the ride on this new journey... it's gonna be a blast and I want to share the adventure with all of you!
Band/artist history
Well, there's actually not much of a history of this band at the present time, as the solo project is a new development.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have been playing live "professionally" since 1996 (with High Noon), and have remained very active with performing ever since. I have been fortunate enough to share the stage with excellent musicians, and that helps to keep you busy and booked in the business. I absolutely LOVE playing live... there is NO feeling like it. I savour every moment on stage. I know there are countless musicians that would give just about anything to have the opportunity, so I feel really blessed that I am one of the fortunate ones that actually gets to play to large crowds of people. There may come a day when no one will be willing to come see my show, so as long as there are people in the audience, I'm gonna do what it takes to entertain them. Life is short, and life in the music biz is much shorter. Besides (on a selfish note), when I finish a performing a song that I have written and the crowd applauds and cheers, that is what really does it for me.
Your musical influences
My greastest influence will always be New Country's "Great One": Garth Brooks. He pulled me into the country music world, and his energy and excitment when performing, combined with his sincerety and ability to "connect" with every member of his audience, inspires me. I had the priveledge of seeing his show live when he passed through Ontario years before he retired, and I left the concert a different person... certainly a different performer. No artists likes to be like anyone else (we are all striving to find our own unique style), but whenever a fan in the crowd has compared me to Garth, it is ALWAYS taken as a great compliment!
What equipment do you use?
OK, here's where you all find out how little I really know about equipment (especially all you lead guitarists out there). I use a Telecaster guitar, with a Line 6 amplifier. I have a volume pedal, and a few Daneletro mini-pedal effects (I mostly use my compression pedal, always maxed out). I use an AKG microphone for my vocals (but I really couldn't tell you what model... I just know it's a model used mainly as a studio mic, but it usually makes me sound better than other mic's). That's about it... not very technical, but that's my "gear".
Anything else?
I have great hopes for the potential this new band has, and anticipate taking this thing as far as life will allow me to..! Come grab the bull by the horns with me!