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Outerlimits advanced recordings,Dance,Dance/Ambient chill,Dance Electronica,Dance Collective,The Collective,Outerlimits,M.I.R,Dance music Glasgow,Glasgows newes
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Outerlimits advanced recordings.......... G.D Macgregor began a major affair with dance music in the early days of 87 in one of the first very respected "Sub Club"nights in Glasgow Scotland. Outerlimits fortgeschritten Aufzeichnungen. ...........more Mensch als Mensch" G. D Macgregor hat eine Hauptangelegenheit mit Tanzmusik in den frühen Tagen von 87 in einem der erste sehr geachtete "U-Bootklub" Nächte in Glasgow Schottland begonnen.
Band/artist history
G.D Macgregor, The Executive Producer, began as a musician playing Drums in various funk bands [ 9 years ] and progressed on to multi percussion ,with bongos being a speciality. When house music happened it was a natural progression to end up in what was to be a deep and long lasting affair with the Dance music scene / vibe, writing and producing...................... A life changing experience. In the early daze of 87, in one of the first mass respected............ 'Sub Club' nights, with the now famous and massive Djs of SLAM...Glasgow... Jammin various live percussion mixed in with the tracks, and absorbing some of the best sounds possible, was an experience never to be forgotten............. Already playing keyboard, programming and writing tracks on an Atari ST [Sound tracker],[Q Base],this obviously was one of those meant to happen things,and It wasnt long before a serious realisation came about to write his own material. Influences as varied and diverse as Kraftwerk,Manuel Gottsching,Gorgio Moroder,Jam and Spoon,Way out West, Eno,to Herbie Hancock,Underworld,New Order,Leftfield, BT,even early Was Not Was, .........too many to mention............. G.Mac has always had a real open mind towards all types of 'Quality' Dance music , therefore it is understandable that a quality and deep final sound would inevitably be the result in the creation of this new Quality Label. Before this took form, many singles were produced with different artists, Delta Phantasy,Starforce,and more recently M.I.R. The first release being recorded at Core studios,and remixed at B.J.G in London. Says Gary Mac,'Since then experiments in Digital Sound Processing , Frequency Expo, and in a big way working with various types of producers, have enabled us to attain a sound with its own depth of 'field and fire'. :::Latest Release Is The COLLECTIVE,Outerlimits A Rcds. Tracks that have a 'timeless' quality was the mission on this compilation [Various Artists].
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Various U.K Verschieden U. K
Your musical influences
Influences as varied and diverse as Kraftwerk,Manuel Gottsching,Gorgio Moroder, Eno,to Herbie Hancock,Underworld,The K.L.F,New Order,Leftfield, BT,early Was Not Was,The Orb,Banco De Gio....Too Many To Mention. Einflüsse, als hat sich geändert und mannigfaltig als Kraftwerk, Manuel Gottsching, Gorgio Moroder, Eno, zu Herbie Hancock, Underworld, The K. L. F, New Order, Leftfield, BT, früh Was not Was,The Orb , Banco De Gio nicht Gewesen Wurde. ...Too Viele, Zu Erwähnen.
What equipment do you use?
Reason rewired via Cubase Vst,Reactor,Roland Juno106, Emu Audity 2000, Sequential Circuits Prophet5 rev1.2,Roland Jupiter rack Mk80 with controller,Roland 1080,Emu Ultra Proteus,Emu Emax11 [Motherkeyboard],Various DSP Custom Filters.Full Digital 24bit recording Motu2408,RME Hammerfall.Mixes are achieved using Dynaudio nearfeild monitors,and mother of all Tannoy Little Gold Monitors.Both True and Balanced speakers,a Quad AA class amp,recorded to a Tascam 24bit/16 Cd burner.Beyerdynamic DT250 Headphones. Denken Sie Logisch rewired über Cubase Vst, Reaktor, Roland Juno106, Emu Audity 2000, Sequential Circuits Prophet5 rev1.2,Roland Jupiter Rack Mk80 mit Steuergerät, Roland 1080, Emu Ultra Proteus, Emu Emax11 [Motherkeyboard],Various DSP Sitte Filter. Voll Digital 24-Bit aufzeichnend Motu2408,RME Hammerfall. Mischungen sind erreicht Gebrauch Dynaudio nearfeild Monitoren, und Mutter aller Tannoy Kleine Goldmonitoren. Sowohl Wahre als Hat Sprecher, ein Quad AA Klasse A Ausgeglichen, wird zu einem Tascam 24bit/16 Cd Brenner aufgezeichnet.Beyerdynamic DT250 headphones.
Anything else?
This natural progression has brought about the decision to release a "No Track Filler" compilation of the highest possible quality,Progressive house/Ambi Dub.. "After Club Cd Album" Mastered in Germany @Xarc Specifically beginning on fire at :: 140bpm..progressing down to a casualty chilled :: 116 bpm. Perfect for the after club experience. To coincide with this,a brand new"Label"based on the same principles was imminant..... and launched. Although a new Label,Outerlimits advanced recordings has Eons of production/mixing experience behind it [17 years]......Lost in Space.The launch date for the Album Cd compilation Outerlimits advanced recordings : "The Collective" is :: July 2005::available from Tower records.com,and CdBaby.com. Followed by a "two singles" debut soon after. :: 1: War Man/M.I.R and :: 2: Quik Fix/Def Fuse,.,.,.,.,............2 very "Dirty n Phunky"tracks. A launch night is planned,at a known venue in Scotland.................details soon. Diese natürliche Progression hat um die Entscheidung gebracht, eine "Keine Spurfüllstoff" Kompilation von der höchsten möglichen Qualität freizugeben, die in Deutschland Beherrscht Wird, Synchronisiert Fortschrittliches Haus/Ambi. "Nach Klub Cd Album" beginnend Ausdrücklich in Brand an: : 140bpm..progressing zu hinunter einem Ausfall gekühlt: : 116 bpm. Perfektionieren Sie für das nach Kluberfahrung. Um mit dies zusammenzufallen, eine Marke neu" Etikett" auf der Basis auf den gleichen Prinzipien war imminant. .... Und hat abgeschossen. Obwohl ein neues Etikett, Outerlimits Advanced Recordings Äonen der Produktion hat/mischend Erfahrung hinter ihm [17yrs] ......Lost in Platz. Dem Startdatum für das Album Cd Kompilation Outerlimits Advanced Recordings: "The Collective" ist: : der 2005:: von Juli der verfügbar ist von Towerrecords.com, und CdBaby. com. Gefolgt durch ein "zwei hebt heraus" Erscheinen bald nach. : : 1: Waar Man/M.I.R und: : 2: Quik Fix/Deff- Fuse, .,.,.,.,............2 sehr "Beschmutzt n Phunky" Spuren. Eine Start Nacht ist, an einem bekannten Veranstaltungsort in Schottland. ................details bald geplant...Wenn der Enlish zu deutschem Tanslation Fehler, falsches Worte e.t.c, berührt dann bitte: : Outerlimits@ntlworld.com: : Ihnen Gary Macgregor Dankend.
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