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Brian eric Smith
Brian eric Smith
3 Tracks
Melodic song structure rock. Even the heaviest stuff has melody & harmony. Also some ballads.
Well, right now it's just me on these recordings doing everything exept for two songs that feature our drummer Mark Whobrey. Right now we're all living in different parts of the country because of job/living situations but are looking for the right interest/break to bring us together again.
Band/artist history
The Javelins, The Tonebenders, The Javelins (again) Theater X, The Atomic Sky spyderz, Animal House, The Brink.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live in various coverbands to make money & to have some fun & keep my performance edge up. Yes i love playing in front of people especially when things are going good that night.
Your musical influences
Mostly old rockn roll from the mid 60's as far as song structure goes but also heavier modern rock & old jazz. I like good songwriting combined with accomplished instrumental skills. Basically, I like anything by anybody who's very accomplished & expressive regardless of genre or when it's from. All the best music is timeless.
What equipment do you use?
I'm using a highly modified 85 Squier strat & an 02 Schecter hellcat through a 71 marshall 50w super lead that i run antenuated through an old Sholtz power saok into a 67 Marshall slant 4x12 bass top with the original celestion g12M 35s. a Takamine acoustic, a Cort curbow retro bass & a Fender P., a fostwx VF 160 16 track recorder, a Zoom mrt3 drum machine, an MXL 990 condenser mic & an ART tube levelar compressor. Except for my actual guitar rig I sought out gear that sounded good but didn't cost too much for recording. One song features an Alesis SR-16 drum machine while two songs feature a DW Pacific kit played by bandmember Mark Whobrey
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