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Cambian Dawn
Cambian Dawn
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Groovy stoner rock / old school dom metal with prog influences
Band/artist history
Cambian Dawn formed, like some vile fungal growth, in South London in late 2002, when guitarist Sam Carter and bassist Matt Kenway decided to consummate their love of old school doom and groove-based stoner rock by creating a band of their own. The bands first line-up was completed by the arrival of drummer Tom Barker and Matts decision to take on vocal duties as well as bass (following an abysmal audition by a doom vocalist who will remain nameless). Cambian Dawns early sound sprang from a variety of influences ranging from Seventies rock demigods like Led Zep and Deep Purple through to the instinctive earthy spontaneity of Kyuss and more obvious suspects like Black Sabbath and St Vitus. The combination of old school doom and bluesy vocals proved an unusual but effective one. (A cambian, for those who are curious about such things, is the unpleasant offspring that results from the copulation of a demon and a human being. Apparently there are now websites, mostly in Norway, that specialise in such things. That was a joke.) Cambian Dawns second demo (which blew up the studios mixing desk) was awarded Demo Of The Month by Dave Ling in Metal Hammer in August 2003. The band was rapidly gaining a reputation for loud and energetic live performances, and that year would see them perform alongside established European doom acts like Esoteric, Despond, and Pantheist. (One of the bands very early gigs was the Belgian Doom Night 2003, for which the Dawn was also remembered for decimating almost the entire supply of free beer.) Following the bands appearance at the 2nd Annual Stoner All-Dayer supporting Sloth and Orange Goblin on April 25th 2004, guitarist Sam announced his decision to quit in order to concentrate on his other band Electric Mountain. Not keen to downgrade from a trio to a duo, the remaining Cambians quickly recruited long-term friend and Dawn supporter Zak Newman on drums. Tom switched to lead guitar and the new line up was born. Intense practising behind sweaty closed doors revealed a sound that was heavier, more fluid, and more inventive than ever before. The new line up quickly recorded the track Cambian Dawn for an independently released split 7 single (twinned with gig buddies The River). The bands increased intensity was at last unveiled at a gig with Centurions Ghost, The River, and Hollow Divide, on 29th August 2004. At the end of the year, the band recorded a brand new three track demo, "Wastrel Children Of An Insane Universe", with the marvellous Will Spong. Clocking in at just under twenty-five minutes and heavier than a professional darts player, this demo captures the very essence of the band. This new incarnation of Cambian Dawn is harder to categorise, with suggestions of Opeth and Down sneaking into the mix, while Tom and Zaks unholy devotion to jazz and Matts even more unholy devotion to The Cult means no end to this bands reinterpretation of doom and stoner rock. God help you all.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Of course the Dawn play live, they are a rock band. All gigs are good, and all have special moments.
Your musical influences
Zak and Tom have similar tastes, ranging from 60's/70's jazz, prog rock, death metal to doomy naughtiness. Matt, being the old git that he is, tends to favour the more old school influences, such as The Cult and other assorted bizzarity. However, all of the Dawn's influences can be compromised and infurrimumgated to the sound you hear before you.
What equipment do you use?
Tom :Gibson Les Paul Classic Guitar Matt :Fender Precision Bass Zak :DW Collectors Series, Pearl hardware, Zildjian Cymbals, Vater Sticks.
Anything else?
yes, just one more thing.