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KingScale is a metal band from Lockport NY. Our music and lyrics are very spiritual based and deal with everyday issues. Everything we write is based on our own
Wayward Child
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I Cant Breathe
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KingScale, takes a different approach to music, with the focus on strong powerful vocals and spiritual meaning in the lyrics, backed by heavy guitar riffs and rhythms, the music it self is a backdrop that paints the emotion and message of the lyrics and vocals.. They have in fact purposely made the music take a "backseat" to the vocals and the meaning.... " in one sense We both are re-telling our own stories of where we been and what we have experienced both good and bad. In many cases its even telling of where we are currently in some songs in our own lives... Our hope is that at least one person hears one of the songs when all is said and done and can relate to it.. maybe it stops them from doing something they would regret or lets them see that what ever they are enduring isnt as bad as they think it is... If we can show one person God's love and point them in the right direction, then its all worth it..... " - B.Souliske - Guitarist
Band/artist history
10 years ago, the only 2 members of the band currently, where in a christian Metal band called Bloodlyon. After the band dissolved, none of us played any music in a band again. The guitarist quit all together, and never planned on playing again either. So one day we decided why not try again but this time just enjoy ourselves record some music on the Computers and just do it for our own satisfaction and thats how it started.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We did years ago in seperate bands, under the new makeup we havent as of yet -- still in the building stages
Your musical influences
Bride, Creed, Altered Bridge, Godsmack ,Metallica Randy Rose