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Cole Minor Productions
Cole Minor Productions
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Progressive Hip Hop beat Maker, I blend Genres A lot, I experiment A lot, My beats are very Unique. I specialize in all original instrumentals, but I also do so
Cole Minor - Untouchable (Instrumental 70 BPM)SOLD
Cole Minor - Trap Rock Blues (Instrumental 65 BPM)
Cole Minor - Str8 Fiya (Instrumental 98 BPM)
Cole Minor - The Code (Instrumental 70 BPM)
Cole Minor - Twisted (Instrumental 58 BPM)
I make beats, Mostly all original, now and then with samples. I am unique, my style is my own, and I blend Genres a lot, I experiment with music a lot too. I smoke a lot of tree, expand my mind, and go at it like there's no 2moro. I also write lyrics, I record, mix and master but am always still learning. Beat leases start as low as $50 so Hmu! Find Cole Minor on FaceBook and follow me on soundcloud. I'll provide all of my links! www.facebook.com/coleminorproductions www.soundcloud.com/coleminor333 www.reverbnation.com/coleminor33 www.reverbnation.com/coleminorthrowbacks www.soundclick.com/coleminorproductions or www.soundclick.com/cmp333 (Same link Destination) Please smoke a spliff, sit back, and enjoy the music. -Cole Minor
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes, I just love after a show, the love people show, it's an amazing feeling, kinda like a drug lol
Your musical influences
I love all music, I mean all of it! My playlist goes from china music to reggae to ancient egypt to rock n roll to hip hop to dubstep and all around. My main childhood influences were classical composers, I took a lot of interest in classical piano and started teaching myself as soon as I had the opportunity. Blues Piano is a big part of my life, i'd like to learn boogie woogie. I'm huge into hip hop, 90's is my fav era. So far, we'll see what happens, It's not dead, certainly not in the 239!! I love KRS-ONE, Tech N9Ne, Mos Def, Hopsin, J. Cole, Wu-Tang, Biggie, Talib Qweli, NAS, B.O.B., OutKast, T.I., and tons more. My favorite beat styles are beats like the beatnuts, timbaland, swizz beats, dr dre. Thats all you get for now, listen to my music and be influenced or listen to it under the influence, either way, or both lol
What equipment do you use?
Pre Amp, Mic, Keyboard, Tons of VST's, FL 11, Tons of Sample Libraries, at least 100 gigs of drums, tons of fx, high quality premium virtual instruments and effects and a laptop I run it from.
Anything else?
I really appreciate peoples comments, feel free to leave me some more!
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