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Bjorn Lynne
Bjorn Lynne
7 Tracks
Reflective, inspiring, melodic instrumental music from the seashore of Norway; Bjorn Lynne's music spans Ambient, Electronica, Fantasy, New Age, Relaxation, Cel
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The True You
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Mystery Forest
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The Return of Safar Timura
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Bjorn Lynne has been a full time composer, producer and sound designer for 13 years. He is originally from Norway, but moved to England in 1995 and has spent most of his music life there. He has now recently moved back to Norway and settled into new house on the seafront in an idyllic small seaside town called Stavern. Bjorn's music was recently used extensively in the prestigious BBC documentary series "Meet the Ancestors". You can also hear his music in dozens of other TV programs, series and films ("The Oracle", "Vampire Sisters") and in video games ("Worms", "Lemmings" and many many others). Bjorn Lynne has sold more than 10,000 CDs from his personal web site and continues to write music both for fun and for a living. His latest album, "Quiet Places" is a CD of reflective and thoughtful Ambient music. Before that, his 2006 release "Beneath Another Sky" is a captivating, atmospheric, dynamic and melodic, musical journey to another world. If you want to buy Bjorn Lynne CDs for personal use, you can do that from Bjorn's own personal CD-shop () or from CDBaby () or from download shops such as Rhapsody, iTunes, mp3tunes, MSN Music, etc., or even right here at Soundclick! If you would like to license Bjorn's music for use in film, media, games or any other project, you can purchase a royalty-free license for any Bjorn Lynne track from
Band/artist history
Bjorn Lynne started playing his own music about 12 years ago, once upon a time under the tongue-in-cheek alias of . Bjorn is originally from Norway, but lived in England for more than 10 years and produced a lot of his music while living there. He is now back in Norway and works from his own studio in an idyllic seaside spot in Stavern, Norway.
Your musical influences
Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Thomas Newman, Genesis, Saga, Marillion, The Flower Kings, Porcupine Tree, Aeryon, Anglagard, Landberk, Mostly Autumn, The Dead Texan and many, many others
What equipment do you use?
Guitars, bass, samplers, synths.
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