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Fiyah Starta
Fiyah Starta
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Keep Muggin feat.Fiyah Starta, BID, & Young C
The artist Fiyah Starta has humble beginnings rooted in the influences of WestCoast Rap in the early 90s'. Listening to the hardcore styles of 2pac, Snoop Dogg,& Ice Cube among others sparked inside her a passion to rap. Being unable to resist the gritty pull of southern music, she molded her styles after artistic expressions pioneered by groups such as Three 6 Mafia and 8Ball & MJG. Under the then alias "Kool-AID" in her school days, she partook in rhyme battles normally dominated by male MCs. Many prospective rappers tried to sign her to their crews once her skills became evident. Fiyah Starta has undergone numerous transformations as an artist and is consistantly growing lyrically and in versatility. Fiyah Starta also harbors a desire to become a well-respected producer, and has already began blazing a trail down this path as well. She only sticks to rapping about what she knows, and isn't found portraying something she isn't. Subjects such as hardcore thugging, explicit sex or blinging ice cannot be tied to her songs. Rather she rips about topics of day to day life, spirituality, and opinions giving rise to the inspirations in her lyrical content. As a side-bar she notes that the average person should not judge and elude to her character as meek or hint at frailty. She ensures her critics that the rapid, vicious and threatening overtones carried in her style will quickly diminish all thoughts of the latter. Currently Fiyah Starta is building up her stats and rank among artists. Looking at the factors surrounding the impact being made by her label "Last Resort Recordz", It won't be long before the blaze gets out of control...
Band/artist history
^ see above ^ (introduction)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Shows are to be announced as the upcoming release of my album draws near.(2005).
Your musical influences
^ see above ^ (introduction)
What equipment do you use?
All tracks are produced for us by Bernard "IQue" Johnson, & "Diverze"...basically in-house...
Anything else?
Support this artist! Contact us and feel free to check us out on the web! www.lastresortrecordz.com see FiyahStarta @- www.artistdirect.com www.myspace.com FIYAH STARTA DEBUT CD COMING 2005! Be sure to check out that hot release by P.I.N.T. "Edga of my World" in AUGUST 2005!!