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dana is gone
dana is gone
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Did you ever sing a song you didn't want anyone to hear? I did, and then I took those songs and let everyone hear them. Private, embarrasing, but honest.
Band/artist history
I was born, I grew up. I got a guitar and a tape deck. I got my heart broke. I came to some realizations about myself. And I made songs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't often play live unless asked. As dana is gone I've played at a place called "navigators". I vomited before I went on I was so scared. That was a pretty "special moment". I was so nervous my knee wouldn't stop shaking and the guitar kept slipping off. I made up the lyrics to the first song on the spot. Best show ever.
Your musical influences
Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys are my favorite. Then comes: Purple Knight, Daniel Johnston, Half Japanese, Hank Williams Sr, Eric's Trip, Robert Johnson, Leonard Cohen, Donovan, The Germs, Talking Heads, Lou Barlow, Sonic Youth, everyone else in the world making noises and calling it music.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars, Kazoo, Harmonicas, Organs, Tamborines, Recorders, A box with thumbtacs in it.