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Jon Johnson
Jon Johnson
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Progressive and classic rock, with a little Emo sensitive side sometimes. It is sometimes also Hard-edged and in your face. Deals with ups and downs. My music a
Hi there. Welcome to my Soundclick pages. I've just released a new album titled Hopeless Romantic. It was released to the world on July 15, 2009. Please stop in and check some of the music out and consider supporting an independent musician. I'm from Damascus, MD USA. I have a discography of music that dates back 14 years from when I first started to seriously record and compose music. What's available here is my current albums from the last four years. "Corrosion Point", "2X2L", and "New In Box". Have a listen to any and/or all the music for FREE online and drop a comment if you would.
Band/artist history
Jon Johnson: Guitars, bass, synthesizers, voice, and computers. Johnson has been playing music for nearly 30 years. I originally started as a bass player, along the way learned guitar, and always played a little piano, and especially synthesizers. Around 1986 I went all synths and keyboards to record and play Electronic/New Age style of music but I always held on to my Rock roots. I'ce been recording and publishing my instrumental musical works for 10 years which are available at http://www.cdbaby.com I'm now full circle and have just released a new work called "New In Box". It is a fresh start for me and in many ways totally new way of doing things. Since I've done all the playing, recording, and singing. Singing is a new challenge for me that I hope will grow. Anyhow you be the judge. My oldest daughter thinks I have an "abstract voice". I'm also encouraged by the fact what passes for singing these days. Early feedback of this album has been encouraging me to further this music out to you.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Currently there is nothing in the near future but I hope to play out live before the end of the decade. I used to peform at festivals, planetariums, concerts, bars, houses of worship, record stores, anywhere the music wants to be played.
Your musical influences
Beatle albums, Rock "n" Roll, progressive rock, Zeppelin, Who, Rush, Yes, Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, King Crimson, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Jaco Pastorius, are but a few artists I think of when I'm playing music. These days I care the most about what my music is doing than my influences. We are a sum of what we listen to. Even just fans. I invested a lifetime of listening to many different kinds of music and these days I probably listen to more world, electronic, and ethnic music more than anything else though I love my favorites from way back when. I am open to a lot of things. If you won't be open to music you can miss out on something remarkable.
What equipment do you use?
I mostly work with Pro Tools on computers and the Korg OASYS synthesizer workstation. But my latest fascination is with Magix's Samplitude which offers anything you may want to do with music on a pc, but I pretty much saty with MAC these days when not using Samplitude and Pro Tools. Logic is my current favorite DAW.
Anything else?
Watch this space folks! As Jimi used to sing and say"..straight ahead.."
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