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Jose Daniels
Jose Daniels
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Jose's music is unique and he has a special style all his own. He sings in Country and Gospel and adds insert of Spanish throughout this songs
White Roses
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You Weren't There
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No Way Jose
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Redneck Riviera
Peak position #69
Take Two Aspirin
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Welcome to the band page of International Country & Gospel Artist, JoseDaniel!!!! Jose's unique style of music will capture your attention and he's known for adding Spanish inserts into his Country & Gospel Songs.
Band/artist history
JoseDaniel is a name familiar to many in our sister-nation to the south. He was born in Mexico City, Mexico and his love for music was the driving force in his life. His extraordinary gifts for singing and song- writing were recognized early-on by the professional music industry, and he entertained in various tourist resorts and hotels around the country. JoseDaniel spent more than ten years as a tourist "favorite," singing and working the hotel circuit in the well-known resort of Cancun, until he moved to the United States 14 years ago. He got his start in music playing drums while attending college in Mexico City. He lives today in Saltillo, MS, a small town in the northeastern part of the state, not far from the "hub" of the Country and Gospel music, Nashville, TN. His primary focus is still "music," and he has continued to write and sing in both English and Spanish. His unique vocal quality and style quickly set him apart in the US, and his single releases have become a "standard" on both country and Gospel charts world-wide. One of his first releases in this country, "Alex and Me" spent many months on the charts and was a tribute to the Smith children who were drowned by their mother in South Carolina a few years ago. He recorded and released a CD for Spanish speaking Americans called "Un Tibuto A Jesus (A Tribute to Jesus)" which included traditional Gospel songs translated into Spanish. This CD is receiving airplay in various parts of Europe as well as here in the US, and has proven to be an instrument used by God to carry the Gospel to Spanish-speaking countries world-wide. Other full-project CDs, "From The Heart" - "Better Run For The Border" and "There Ain't Nothing Like Love" are being played world-wide, and singles from those projects have appeared regularly on both the Hot Country Singles chart and the Worldwide Major and Indie Chart. His project, "At His Best" is a mixture of Country and Gospel songs (with original songs by such noted songwriters as Rhonnie Scheuerman, Dean Koon and James Simmons as well as Jose himself) features Spanish choral inserts. "Take Two Aspirin" and "The Book My Mama Read" are doing extremely well throughout the radio world. Jose's latest CD is "SHE TOOK MY CASH". Jose's Video SING OUT AMERICA FOR OUR VETERANS was presented VIDEO OF THE YEAR 2004by TexasRiver Music & King Eagle Awards. His latest Video is "SHE TOOK MY CASH", the cover song from his latest CD was awarded VIDEO OF THE YEAR, 2005 from NACMAI in March and also at Tennessee Country Music Alliance Awards Show. Jose received SILVER ELITE GOSPEL VOCALIST OF THE YEAR, 2003, GOLDEN ELITE MALE VOCALIST, 2004 from the Tennessee Country Music Alliance and various other awards including, Key To The City, Special Recognition, etc. Jose was awarded "INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT GOLDEN WORLD AWARD" by the TCMA in Nashville in March, 2005. Jose was inducted into the Texas River Country Music Hall of Fame in Aug, 2005/ Also was awarded International Entertainer of the Year, Album of the Year for "JoseDaniel, AT HIS BEST, Gospel Performer and Video of the Year for ALEX & ME Jose completed his ninth CD, COUNTRY SERENADE int he latter part of 2005 at Lakeland Recording Studios at Mooreville, MS. He is currently gathering new songs for his next CD which will be out before the end of the year.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, I play live in my area very often, I enjoy donating time to Senior Citizen Groups, Schools, etc. I also entertain at Restaurants, Family Reunions, Parties, etc. I appear regularly on my local TV Station.
Your musical influences
I've always loved music in general, especially blues & jazz. Love the style of Jim Reeves & Marty Robbins.
What equipment do you use?
I have full band equipment as I had my own band, CONFETTI while touring in Mexico. Presently I'm only using tracks for most of my performances.
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