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jo goldie
jo goldie
2 Tracks
songwriter/vocalist jo goldie brings a fresh sound to soul. kinda of neo soul for the world. listen to the calming voice of sista resurrect from past spirits
bitta remix - Alessio Zara
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A breath of fresh air to the soul sound is singer/songwriter jo goldie. Listen as she pours vivid colors of soul on tracks with a jazz, hip-hop feel and a myriad of musical influences. Her butta gold melodies are complimented with undaunted poetic lyrics - her truth. To ride this vibe is a privileged voyage - get on an groove.
Band/artist history
Singer-songwriter, jo goldie, is a refreshing sound in soul r&b. Her style has been compared to erykah badubjork and ellafitz. jo goldies song melodies are a mélange of blues folk and soul influences. Her small-town bell of a voice in a big enough city is finding something people believe in her truth. She has sung whenever asked, for some odd fifteen years, from the heart for many authentic, bonafide, family, friends, choirs, events and performances, etc. Now, she is singing into the experience without your request and will not be denied. This music is not about her alone and she would not and could not do it alone. You first got a taste of her vocals singing background on the porcocoabutta/eaze bak venus project. (at porcocoabutta.iuma.com). Listen as jo pours tasty vivid colors of her soul. A soul sista resurrect from past spirits of ella Fitzgerald, nina simone and harriet tubman! Her butta gold melodies are delivered w/ undaunted poetry lyrics of her truth. Shes a story to tell as if some sort of unfinished love recipe. Jo knowing full well the myriad of abilities that matter, she as well, has. Classically trained to play the piano yet first learned on the organ with Gram Gs direction. Dis chick is a breath of fresh air and has been singing since she was asked toin the early 80s. Beginning with the church choir at age 7, to school choirs, musical plays (jr. high that was) recitals...so whats new is old? What matters? The experience in knowing the story of what is to come will be her truth. jo goldie comes to the stage and delivers a calming sound with what she has...the word in a quiet storm. Its the message that brings forth her style and flow. The beat is her storm bringing the message, as her voice wont be denied apart from the beat or rhythm is sure to move you a privileged voyage. Band Producers: Alessio Zara (Extremaratio), Gene Roberson (buttamilk worldwide/porcocoabutta ent), Mark Boucot, Qool DJ Marv (buttamilk worldwide) and Rick Dorr.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
playing live is a dream soon to be a heaven. i currently sing occasionaly with a folk rock band in the tri-state area. i do enjoy the experience that music provides for me in every instance. honestly, at the moment i can share that all moments are special (corny? so be it).
Your musical influences
gospel, rhythm and blues,pop, hip-hop, classical and jazz. karen clark-sheard, angela winbush, sade, george michael, lauren hill, bjork - most neo soul artists.
Anything else?
music here is made by folks that are true to the vibe of spreading 'heal'n for the soul.' porcocoabutta entertainment is a family of beatmakers, songwriters and spoken word artists. the porcocoabutta family is currently working on several independent projects from rock, jazz to hip hop. one mission is jo goldie Her Truth - a debut album in works featuring songwriter/vocalist kymm roberson.