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Country Rap Tunes mixed up with Hip Hop!! The world is ready for the impact that can be made with a new perspective on life coming from the experience, songwr
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COMPTON aka BIGG BOSS HEVVY is a 2nd-generation poet and lyricist. Compton Franklin and Chuck Thomas AKA Bigg Boss Hevvy and Chuck Life form the hip-hop group the B.U.C. BOYZ. They are cousins born in Southeast Missouri, and raised in St. Louis, MO. Bigg Boss Hevvy has been rhyming since the age of nine and was inspired by a single mother who is a writer and poet. With the death of his mother occurring while doing time in prison, Compton made a choice to put his 2nd generation talent for writing to some positive use. His songs tell tales of happiness, struggle, passion, despair and glory from the perspective of both small southern towns and the urban hoods.Original music is being provided to B.U.C. Boyz by Chuck Life. His musical ability rivals Dr. Dre, the Neptunes, Timbaland and other well known Hip Hop producers. Chuck Life has been a musician, producer and writer for over 20 years and stays on top of the latest, and breaks new ground with his music. It was only at the insistence of his cousin Bigg Boss Hevvy that Chuck began to allow the world to hear his musical talent which he previously kept close to himself. Bigg Boss Hevvy's rap styles range from rugged, commercial, urban and worldwide. Being an exceptional performer who brings a liveliness and fun energy to the stage, Bigg Boss Hevvy prides himself on being extremely diverse, hard-working, and musically experimental yet accessible. Bigg Boss Hevvy is a fulltime writer, producer and father.. His current original recordings are consistently ranking at the top 1% of the www.soundclick.com Hip Hop charts. "We've been living this music for so long, and it's a dream come true to take our material out of our studio and lay it down." says Chuck Life, Producer of Bigg Boss Hevvy's upcoming untitled Mixtape and Album. When they say B.U.C. BOYZ has what it takes, it's coming right from the consumers themselves, which is the best kind of market research. We're looking forward to hearing what this unique duo creates next in the studio.
Band/artist history
Message from Chuck Life (Producer of BIGG BOSS HEVVY): Many lessons have been learned over the years and the steps to take to avoid pitfalls are available to those that seek it out. I have been involved with music in some form for the last 31 years. Beginning with musical instruction at the age of 7. Over time I have gained experience as a Radio Show Producer, Club DJ, Event Promoter, Production and Technical Manager in Theatre, RecordingSound Engineer, Recording Studio Technical Designer, Music Production and Songwriting. I intend to support BIGG BOSS HEVVY and other artists that need my help with experience gained to the utmost.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
YES. ANYWHERE. So far, I am on the grind. Have Rhymes and Beats, Will Travel.
Your musical influences
All outstanding music that has laid the foundation since the beginning of music used for entertainment.
What equipment do you use?
THA M.I.C. and this BRAIN!
Anything else?
Even a terrible product can sell with exceptional marketing as we witness every day. BIGG BOSS HEVVY has no weaknesses in the areas of songwriting or delivery. Anyone who has listened to the samples available can tell that his talent speaks for itself. If we push it, there is no telling how far we can go. We are encouraging select individuals to get in on the ground floor because we are about to take off.
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