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El Montro
El Montro
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One of the most talented Beatmakers has arrived at Soundclick.com! Now demostrating his talent as a full Reggaeton Artist! Check him out!
Welcome to TeCnØ's Page! Welcome to El Montro's personal myspace. Montro is a Producer/Artist growing in the music industry, introduced in 2003 to the Reggaeton audience. Bringing new flavor and original ideas into the genre, he has been successfully accepted by the audience in dozens of countries around the world. Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico where he immersed himself in Latin music at the early age of eight years old while playing the "Guiro, Tambora, Maracas and Accordion" every time his mom would clean the house and put some "Bachata, Salsa, Classic Merengue and Perico Ripiao" on the radio. February 28 1985 is where it all began when the acclaimed Ramon Emilio Alvarez, of Dominican descent, came to this world. Ramon Emilio has been living reggaeton since it all started. Early in his life when he lived in Parque Ecuestre, Carolina, he saw how DJ Chiclin made his mixtapes, experienced when police would stop you because you were listening reggaeton in public, enjoyed the old "Party de Marquesina" with actual famous artists that at the time were just kids from the hood, watched when Hector "El Father, Tito "El Bambino", Julio Voltio and Karel started rapping since they were in Middle School while he was in elementary, watched how his fellow "Boricuas" liked Spanish reggae from panama but they also loved Hip Hop. At that time puertoricans began rapping in those reggae beats like it was hip hop and from there, that was the difference between the Reggae from Panama and Reggae from Puerto Rico, and just like they mixed African rhythms and made "Salsa" in New York, they put a new flavor in Spanish Reggae mixing Latin music into it, then it all became "Reggaeton". TeCnO has worked with a lot of different Unsigned Artists as well as in different Mixtapes. Coming from the famous music school Ernesto Ramos Antonini "Libre de Musica" in Hato Rey/Puerto Rico where artists like Gilberto Santarosa, Victor Manuel,Aniel, Monserrate & Sosa (producers) attended, also famous baseball players like Carlos Baerga and Bernie Williams. With all your support Montro is willing to bring something different for the hardcore reggaeton listeners but at the same time he's trying to keep his underground style of music because actual famous producers are changing reggaeton so much that it's not the real reggaeton anymore and some people say that reggaeton is dying. He is waiting on a Major Record Label to invest in his work and, is also looking for new artists and producers with quality product for his new projects. With that said, Montro will bring reggaeton back to its place. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a message he will be glad to answer. Si lo quieren ayudar a salir adelante porfavor entren a myspace y añadanlo a sus "Top Friends" www.myspace.com/tecno123 o si les gusta alguna de las canciones delen un "Add" pa q la pongan en sus spaces o voten en el rating, muchas gracias... write me a message in the messageboard or call me. Un saludo a toa esa gente q le meten afuego y muchas gracias a los que en verdad aprecian mi trabajo, join my mailing list... so that u get the latest! first! Muchas gracias a todos los que les gusta mi musica y a los que me apoyan. Drop your words people! checkiamos! If you think that one of the tracks on the site is HOT please vote! also ADD ME TO YOUR STATION! :) let me know what u think of my music... thanks! El Montro -------------------------------INTERVIEW--------------------------------
Band/artist history
Im Puertorican /Dominican beatmaker! Borned and raised in PR... moved to Miami in 2001 and now I live in Jacksonville FL but still go to Miami every month or so..
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As of right now Im performing in diferent clubs in Florida.
Your musical influences
The desire to invent something and express my feelings, my thougts and ideas, pero hablando de who? bueno yo diria Old School Reggaeton artists and DJs!
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
Im into making contacts right know... and expand my music to a broad audience. Keep on checking the site... Im gonna be putting my latest creation here... If you think that one of the tracks on the site is HOT please vote! also ADD ME TO YOUR STATION! :) Join my mailing list pa q checkeen lo nuevo q voy a estar poniendo aqui... ====================NEW MP3 DOWNLOADS!====================
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