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The Union1
The Union1
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The Union is a hip-hop group who works to marry ill rhymes with ill beats, composed of Knowledge aka AK, and Da Vinci aka Da Verbal Arteest. We are based at Morgan State University in Baltimore. We make good hip-hop, we don't claim to be revolutionary. The only thing revolutionary about us is the fact that we're different than the norm, because we are ourselves on the mic. We think, we feel, and we're ill. If you want straight underground "nerd-rap", we implore you to open your mind. If you want straight "shoot'em up" or "street-hustla" rap, we implore you to open your mind. Life is about balancing opposing forces, as is our music. To describe our music succinctly, we are mcs' mcs. No pedestrian rhymes or formulaic songs this way. No wack beats that sound like everything else you hear. If it ain't ill, our name ain't goin near it. But dont get it twisted that we spit like encyclopedias, our songs are very accesible. Yet every time u listen, you'll catch something you didn't the time before.
Band/artist history
started spring semester of 05.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We've performed at open-mic nights on-campus in Cummings Fireside Lounge, and at Hip-Hop 4 Life at The Haven, and featured at K Productions
Your musical influences
big l, blackstar, kool g rap(emphasis), rakim, biggie, eminem, mf doom, common, the roots, outkast, jay-z...all examples of artists whom we look up to
What equipment do you use?
a computer with adobe audition and fruityloops
Anything else?
We're looking for feedback on our music. Let us know what you like, what you don't, and what established artists you're into so we can gauge your opinion. Constructive criticism is always welcomed. And join the mailing list to to be updated on the new haps in The Union
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