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Los Padrinos
Los Padrinos
San Antonio, TX  USA
June 07, 2005
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We are Los Padrinos from San Antonio TX. Before we introduce ourselves, let us introduce the music... The Texas-Mexican Conjunto . . . "conjunto" continues to represent an alternative musical ideology, and in this way it helps to preserve a Mexican, working-class culture wherever it takes root on American soil. Endowed with this kind of symbolic power, conjunto has more than held its own against other types of music that appear from time to time to challenge its dominance among a vast audience of working-class people. -Manuel Peña Juan Santillan Jr. is our lead singer and song writer, and plays bajo sexto. Juan gave up his dream of singing in a karaoke bar when he decided to form Los Padrinos with Martiin. Martin de Jesus Martinez is our accordionist and 2nd voice. His accordion style is simple and straightforward with a blend of the Jimenez brothers, Manuel Guerrero, and other heavy-duty accordion abusers. Peter "el Profe'" Barrera plays bass, as well as a mean game of pool! His skills around local pool halls has allowed us to buy most of our equipment. Way to go Pete! And finally Conjunto music heavy-weight, drummer Juan "el Animal" Carrillo. If you would like more info about us and our style of music read below...
Band/artist history
Los Padrinos began as an idea born from a love for Tex-Mex music. Martin and Juan met through a previous band that was very active in the "Tejano" music scene around San Antonio, Tx. They both shared a love for traditional conjunto of South Texas and Northern Mexico. After Juan left that band, he decided to take up the Bajo Sexto (the traditional rhythm guitar used in that style of music) and write songs. During a hiatus from playing, Martin and Juan would meet and just play the old songs (las viejitas)- and from there developed the interest in recording a CD of traditional and original music - "Fe, Familia, y Tradicion" was born. Forming a new group was not part of their plans until they got a call to perform, (someone heard their music on KEDA radio in San Antonio) - at that point they had to scramble to get a group together (with no practice time in between!) Needless to say it was a pretty rough start to their conjunto career! Since then, the group has formed quite a unit since their debut in January of 2005. Their past experience in playing in front of large crowds has helped them to bring a sense of "familia" to those who listen. Since that time they have entertained (and even educated) people with their traditional sound. Los Padrinos released their second album in December of 2005 entitled "Puro Gallo" which has been well received by conjunto-lovers nationwide. They have been asked to perform their traditional style with artists like Flaco Jimenez, Mingo Saldivar, Los Dos Gilbertos, La Mafia, Los Palominos, Ram Herrera, Santiago Jimenez Jr., and the Tex-Maniacs. With the release of this album have come requests to perform their style of music in many different venues. "Puro Gallo" also initiated the relationship between Chicano artist Joe L. Lopez (El Gallista) and Los Padrinos. They were honored to be named runner-up for "2006 Best Conjunto", sponsored by Tejanomagazine.com; as well as nominated for "Best Conjunto" by Univision's "2007 Premios a la Musica Latina", And "Best Conjunto" 2010 South Texas Conjunto Music Association. The strongest part of the group is their innate sense that faith and culture cannot be separated and that by knowing our roots we know who we are. A Los Padrinos performance is not about nostalgia, but about remembering where we come from. God bless you y que viva conjunto!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As often as we can, mostly around the San Antonio TX area.
Your musical influences
A nosotros nos gustan las viejitas... musica de grupos y artistas como: Santiago Jimenez, Los Alegres de Teran, Los Gavilanes, Los Fantasmas del Valle, Luis Gonzalez, Fred Zimmerle, Ruben Vela, Los Dos Gilbertos, etc.
What equipment do you use?
We use 2 Samson 500watt speakers and 2 Peavy 118 subwoofers through a Mackie 808S powered mixer. Juan sings through a Shure Beta 58 microphone and plays a Martiin Macias bajo quinto (1969) with a Cascabel pickup, and a Guerrero (1968) bajo sexto with a Fishman Pickup, and uses a Yamaha MSR100 powered monitor as his amp. Pete uses a Yamaha S5 bass with a Hartke twin cabinet bass system. Martin sings through a Shure 58 microphone, plays Hohner Corona II and Gabanelli accordions, and plays through a Samson Concert-series wireless microphone or a EV757 microphone.
Anything else?
We would like to thank our families, friends, and fan club members and everyone that supports conjunto music.
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