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Melodic Death Metal
Devanic was formed in May 2004 with the goal to play ambitious, catchy, multifarious and blasting Melodic Deathmetal.
Band/artist history
Nikolaus was looking for some people to realize his compositions, especially for someone to do the vocals. With Andreas the right frontman was found. The songwriting, the lyrics and vocal arrangements of those two guys seem to be the perfect combination. So, the so far nameless project started to get a form. After some songs were completed, it was time to search musicians for a band. Within the time of only a month the band was put together with Christian, Michael and Peter. All members are long-term musicians who already have earned experience before in other bands like Moriturus, Septicemia, Subtil, Spirit Within, Corona Endorser or Flex Tracked. It didn't take long to get capable of playing those recently written songs and soon the band started recording the Promo album âœMask Installedâ쳌. Also the name for the band was found. âœDevanicâ쳌, which has its roots in the notion "Deva" (Sanskrit), which means something like "beamingâ쳌, âœheavenlyâ쳌, âœluminousâ쳌 or âœglowing". The word "Deva" also means the semi-gods of the Indian mythology, which are protecting planet earth and mankind. âœMask Installedâ쳌, which is completely self-produced, was released in September 2004. The record was the first sign of life from Devanic and was not meant for the public, but only for magazines, radios and labels for promotional purpose. Two months later the band went on stage for the first time and supported Swedenâs Satanic Slaughter on their last tour in Vienna, Austria. Also, the first reactions of magazines to "Mask Installed", which were mostly positive, demonstrated the potential of Devanic. Some tracks of the CD are getting played on radio stations worldwide and the name of the band is more often appearing in the media. For the short time of existence, Devanic's development is amazing and an exception, not only for the Austrian âœmetalsceneâ쳌.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playing live is a very special thing - it is a gift, the present for making music!
Your musical influences
There are many influences... the music of Devanic is surely influenced by big melodic death metal bands like At the Gates, In Flames or Dark Tranquillity, but the compositions are also inspired by bands, that are in a completly different genre - like Opeth, Pantera, Emperor and many more...
Anything else?
Keep it metal, stay Devanic!
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