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Empty Chair
Empty Chair
27 Tracks
Gritty vinyl beats with lush string and piano arrangements in the mindset of DJ Shadow, Four Tet, Massive Attack, The Cinematic Orchestra and Amon Tobin.
"Miserable beats for miserable people." www.myspace.com/emptychairartist "Empty Chair blends gritty hip-hop beats and squelching synths with heartbreaking piano melodies and verdant string arrangements." --- Introducing a line up of material written and recorded during the five years.
Band/artist history
The EC project was started two and a half years ago to replace the musical inspiration of a band project that had ended shortly before. Since then Empty Chair has turned into the main project. Even though EC is a solo project songs do also feature other people. 'Leaving Town' has V. Vaklin playing electric bass and a new track called 'Come Correct' features Opey on the mic as an MC. Future collaborations will also include more British MCs and hopefully female vocalists. Plans also include recording acoustic strings to Empty Chair tracks. In December 2004 Empty Chair won the Solid Steel demo competition. Flying in the Dark was played on the Solid Steel show in Britain and around ten different countries worldwide. Empty Chair has remixed Finnish electronica leader RinneRadio and Veikka Erkola. This summer Empty Chair is also remixing a track for SlowHill - a finnish band whos last album was released by Bluenote. EC also composes music for short films, and theatre plays. At the moment Empty Chair is searching for a record and publishing deal in the UK.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. I've done a full live version with a 6-piece band, but understandibly thats quite hard to practice so mostly I rely on laptop or DJ gigs where I will also drop a few of my own tunes.
Your musical influences
DJ Shadow, Four Tet, Massive Attack, The Cinematic Orchestra, Amon Tobin, The Herbaliser, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Boom Bip, Prefuse 73, Goldfrapp and many others.
What equipment do you use?
The EC sound is created with keyboard, sampler, turntable, DJ CD turntable, laptop, guitar and electric bass.
Anything else?
Push things There is so much music being made nowadays that there is no sense in making mediocre tracks. fullstop.
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