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Classic rock redemption. AvMo and his Les Paul bring classic rock meets folk jams.
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Who's to Blame
A Collaboration with UK Artist Ron D Bowes. This Rocker Cooks!
This is a funky little Rock instrumental.
The Final Act
A Classic Rock song suggesting tomorrow is never given.....
I'm Yours 80s edition
Sean Cowens wonderful re-imagining of my song.
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AvMo - The Final Act (Official Music Video)
Welcome to the new sound of 70s classic rock music, AvMo style. I have been writing music since I was 16 years old and my grandmother would tell me to “keep it down!” Today, I am turning all my classic tunes over to the glorious listeners on the internet to enjoy - hopefully you like it better than my Nona! My greatest inspirations when recording are classic rock bands such as the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton and Styx. Their music has provided a soundtrack to my life, from my days as a basketball player in high school to the old rocker I am now! I am launch a new EP this summer called “Bittersweet” which is my take on the theme of love through different rock genres and angles. My son challenged me to come out with a sick EP and I think I have. Can’t wait for you all to discover it. AvMo
Your musical influences
I am very influenced by the 70's. Thus my influences are the Stones, Aerosmith, April Wine, Queen and Styx. My music changes styles and genre from song to song.
What equipment do you use?
My main Gear consists of: Fender Select Stratocaster Line 6 Variax 1970 Sunburst Les Paul Custom 7 String Danelectro Tanglewood Acoustics Fender and Marshall Amps
Anything else?
Please leave your comments on the message board which has a bigger impact on others than just e-mailing me. Having said that, all feedback is welcome.
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Good Job!
Very cool - nice work!
No comments yet? This tune rocks. Nice structure. Everything in here makes sense and is well executed. Love it. Good driving tune!
Awesome catchy little jingle.
I love hearing people's first recorded songs. I have a soft spot for this one.
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