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Many styles of music, including rock (from mellow to metal), electronica (from dance to ambient), some bluesy , jazzy, reggae and world influences goin on to...
Earthscry is myself, Soot (or Sooty), A.K.A. Mark Sutton, with occasional contributions from friends. Music happens, and then we play it... most music here 'arrived', I feel more like a conduit than a creator. Or the suface of a lake, reflecting the surrounding scenery, but adding it's own ripples. This site contains material from the last few years. Some I consider good work, some is less than perfect but is here cos parts are good. Included is a range of styles/genres,
Band/artist history
I'll just say that material here happened in the last 10 years, with a little from before that, if I post all I intend to, that is. Much has happened that hasn't been recorded or posted, obviously, but this is a taster of what I like to do.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not currently, but for me live is part of the 'buzz' of music, to have people reacting to what you do is fun, and to instigate a party has got to be a good thing! Having said that, I don't think it is necessary for a musician to play live to be 'real', a songbird who sings where no-one hears is still a songbird...
Your musical influences
For me, it's all about the feeling... you can play a guitar perfectly, but with no feeling, that is possible, but not desirable, I prefer emotion, even if it means there are mistakes, has to be 'real'. It's better of course if there are no mistakes! :-). Also, I feel that with the right 'touch', electronically produced material (ie sample-based) can have life and love in it too, it can be 'real'; after all, music is first heard in the mind, and then transfered to the air via a medium, that medium can be anything from a rock, to a flute, to a bank of synths, or a guitar or whatever, they are all just mediums, just as a painter can use many different paints or materials to create their pictures... so my influences are far and wide, :-).
What equipment do you use?
Guitar - fender strat, peavey bandit amp, morley wah, ibanez tubescreamer. Bass - hohner steinberg copy, occasional Alesis reverb for lead or effects work Drums/synths/sample work - (except where stated) music 2000 - The work posted here done on the music 2000 is totally original, I didn't use the ready-made beats, etc, but used the sequencing and sample manipulating aspects it offers, and my imagination!
Anything else?
Thanks to the Anubes for widening my perspective on music and the internet in general, and also for leading me to soundclick, and especially for massive encouragement and support, :) Play on, brothers and sisters!
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