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Col M (UK)
Col M (UK)
CoL M/ Ubber:sonic/ Da Luna - Producer/ Sample maker/ Remixer/ Label Director- Mayhem Records-Imprint records-Mayhem Digital
Tell me about your history? How did you get where you are now?
I started off as a clubber at a early ages i was into my hardcore at 13 years old in the early 90's i already had 1 deck lol wired to a few large speakers,,, after clubbing alot more i decided to get some decks i played a few places before gettin evicted outa my home cause of playing em too loud my ex was pregnat at the time so i scrapped it was too risky,,,, so i then started making tunesi had success straight up with my1st release col m - lover v shine gettin out on vinyl and plays on fm radio i currently have had 20+ releases on vinyl cd and digitaly and run a few labels of my own
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
I used to Dj a bit before i turned my hand to producing would like to sort some p.a. work in the future would be a good excuse 4 a piss up haha
Your musical influences
I just love the faster gendres with big leads n basslines really started from the legendary helter skeleter tapes i guess
What equipment do you use?
Nuendo 5, virus ti, tannoy reveal 5a's,, 13.4ghz quadcore pc,, audiophine done :)