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The Robotic Subwaymen
The Robotic Subwaymen
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We are the evolution of Kraftwerk, Devo and Daft Punk...We are a robotic rock band with powerpop and dance influences. We have a lead singer named Civo who has
When circuits are twisted and bent, and re-programming and re-wiring are complete... the end result is a sparkling glimpse of the future known as The Robotic Subwaymen. This musical group led by its creator, CIVO (Cyborg Incorporates Vocal Organization), is speeding out of the underground like the bullet train. There are intricate layers of synthesizers backed by driving drumbeats and all fronted with melodic vocoder lyrics. The Robotic Subwaymen have recorded and made available to the general public an album titled 2083. It is the group's initial release and provides the listener with the full spectrum of the Subwaymen's versatility. The group shows elements of indie rock, electro, synth pop, and dance all done in consistent Robotic Subwaymen fashion. There can be no doubting that the group's influences include DEVO, Kraftwerk, Zapp, Radiohead, Polysics, and other similar acts. From ambient to dancey... thru to full on rock, the Robotic Subwaymen do it all. The group is strikingly visual in its presentation. Inspired by the progressive Japanese robotic movement (i.e. Robodex, etc.), the look is equally exciting as the music. Civo's bright, white robot suit contrasts with the rest of the members' pitch black robot uniforms. This visual stimulus [with color schemes of black, purple, and glowing green] give the Robotic Subwaymen an aura of intense neon. The group is based in the U.S., but has had an incredible appeal in Japan (undoubtedly due to its heavy influence by Japanese culture, Robodex, and the film "Lost in Translation"). Recently, the group has ventured across the Earth's Pacific Ocean to Hong Kong and Tokyo, Japan. While in Asia, the group did promotion for 2083, as well as gave a sneak peek into their follow-up recording, Technology, expected out sometime in 2005. The Robotic Subwaymen 2083 2004 GMT/The Robotic Subwaymen
Band/artist history
band created 02/04...on 09/04 the first cd was released titled "2083" on 05-05-05 the second cd was released titled "technology"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
in the very near future!
Your musical influences
I incorporate Devo, Kraftwerk, AIR, the Strokes, Weezer & Polysics for the rock side: ZAPP & Rick James for the R&B side: and Daft Punk for the dance
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
you can buy our cd's from cdbaby.com/roboticsubwaymen2 CDBABY.COM
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