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aris return
aris return
2 Tracks
i don't think anyone can explain what this sounds like. it's sorta alternative, but that is still way off.
to my humble friends... please find located in this package a song or two. they resemble a few bands you've heard before, and don't resemble anything else you've ever heard before. i've also been able to include various accessories in this box if you'd take the time to look. please don't play with the bubble wrap for too long. with gratitude, the fool
Band/artist history
i'd like to believe that anyone reading this is a part of history rite now. a biography seems like the perfect way to set a story. it would prob be best to just go with the story and not try to explain it, it's only a futile attempt.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
an actual performance is def not possible at this time. if it ever does tho, we'll let you know. rekording seems to be gratifying enough rite now.
Your musical influences
early smashing pumpkins, early katatonia, forgotten tomb, nirvana, taking back sunday, straylight run, brand new, dashboard confessional / further seems forever, circle of dust, argyle park, celldweller, klank, ap2, brandtson, starfyler 59, etc.
Anything else?
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