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Eli Amor
Eli Amor
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African grooves fused with western jazz, funk, blues & rock influences.
Peak position #65
Band/artist history
I'd say that my interest in music or let me say "the world of music" has always been with me. Growing up in a family of music lovers I was the one who always had an extra keeness in music. I was born in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo to be exact. At age 5 my parents took me to Malawi, my fathers homeland. For the next 7 years I was to be grounded And established in Malawi's traditional music My last year in that country was crucial for me. I played my first instruments the Malawian traditional flute and drum as I took part in one of the countries celebrated festivals called Amalipenga. Being back in Zimbabwe meant settling into a different environment and lifestyle. Though I still apreciated music I was not to be involved as a performer until the late eighties I was first involved in a band called HotIce, but we never actually played any instruments nor sang. In 1990 I started my music studies and then guitar in 1991. By march 1992 I was playing in church then the big turnaround in 1993 when I joined Redemption Band, a gospel youth band I was the lead guitarist, we recorded one album and then disbanded in 1997. I continued with my music, singing and playing concerts. In may the same year I recorded my first solo album called Baba Wami. I did TV, radio & magazine interviews. In 1999 my music turn around was cemented, that is from a jazz listener to a jazz composer & player Nevertheless, I've always kept it fused with deep african traditional beats and rhythms. Playing live is always fulfilling for me. I believe in the Cape to Cairo music influence set-up in my work.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I have played in Zimbabwe, Malawi & South Africa. I love it. Playing before an audience from different continents all under one roof.
Your musical influences
INXS, Michael Jackson, Oliver Mtukudzi, Hugh Masekela & Earl Klugh
What equipment do you use?
Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Traditional African Instruments