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Ruckus Kringle
Ruckus Kringle
2 Tracks
brand new day(live)
glimpse of light(live)
FIrst of all, we are a group of friends bound together to do music and have fun doing music.....We all came from a same school named AMACU...By our given talents we decided to form a band to express ourselves through music...It feels great having a band composed of different kinds of people, attitude wise..then suddenly we come up with a band name entitled "RED KRYPTONITE" in this band name we created different original composed songs....we first called ourselves RED KRYPTONITE becos of SUPERMAN..BUT now, in the present times we decided to changed it and have a better and deep band name...And...WE became Ruckus Kringle!!!WE can't hardly describe our music, but we can say that were a alternative-emo band..because of our influences...Just describe our music if u have a chance to hear us.. RK:TJ(mic),paul(back mic),christian(guitar),louie(lead),mark(drums),jhonny(bass) THATS ALL....HAIL TO RKWE'rE gonna RUCK THIS JOINT!!! please hear our songs Ü we apologized because our music is formatted 24kpbs but soon we will post the original sounds.. (recording Ü)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
THe best gigs is when we front acted for a BAMBOO campus tour at St. Mary's QC..IT was great because it our first major gig and most especially the crowd are great, the MArians!!!!
Your musical influences
we're an alternative-emo-poprock band...our influences are from the bands...typecast,dashbioard,bamboo,rivermaya,spongecola,new found Glory, Hale and many more...
What equipment do you use?
Effects::ZOOM and super overdrive E.Guitar:: Fernandez, Fender Squire Lazer Drumset, Bongos, Lumanog guitars
Anything else?
WE LOVE OUR BAND AND WE ALL HOPE WE CAN SHARE OUR MUSIC TO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!WE WISH WE CAN GO PLACESpls. add us in our friendster account redkrypt@yahoo.com tnx!!!!tj