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New era for the rap game, its a new day, change is coming, AjthaGriot, about to take this to another level! sick flow, ridiculous beatz, get the get well cards.
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Born and raised in Togo,Africa a french colony, Aj was first signed to an african rap group called "Blackness hope" he was rappin in french and english(which he learned in school), they created a major buzz but everyone got dispersed due to political tribulations and wars, Aj then moved to NY then DC Washington where he stayed, then later joined the US Navy, getting the opportunity to go to places in Europ, Asia, Africa, south america,islands, almost anywhere u can think of. After the 911, he had to be with the teams sent to Afganisthan and 2 years later was in the persian golf, and Iraq. Equipped with a serious metaphorical lyrical mind, and inspired by all the realities he had to face thorought his days in 3 continents, Aj developped a style out of the common, and is now here to show the world that the Motherland kid got fire,plus he produces his own beats. America look out,matterfact the whole world....time for a change.
Band/artist history
Right now i'm teaming up with people like Shades Black from Lauderdale, John Doe from St Louis, and Pablo from Miami, working on opening GREATMINDS RECORDS, and GREATMIND PRODUCTION
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, but i perform live. I had a show at 9th main here in Jacksonville last month, people loved it.Especially when i flipped the rap to french, had another great show at the Fuel Coffee House in J-ville.
Your musical influences
they are multiple, of course the late 2Pac, JayZ, Jadakiss, IAM, MC Solaar, old school,Nas, old african sounds.
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
Life is too short, no time to waste.
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