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Freedy Al and the Bills Trenches Mold
Freedy Al and the Bills Trenches Mold
6 Tracks
FreedyAl and the Bill trenches Mold will be defended by critics as an explosive corrosive driven masterpiece, which it is, and attacked as an unbridled obscenit
Viva De Laggre
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God's Children
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Daring Lousy Guy
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Freedy Al 18 is here!!! After a long wait of three years the boys are back in action! Tour dates will be posted for the summer. Be sure and check out some of the new tunes! Interview / Freedy Al and he Bill Trenches Mold I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the band and ask a few questions. It was quite clear to me that not many people understand the band until they find out some of the ground rules. Q. Hi guys, and thank you for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to do this interview. Elderly- youâre most welcome; we had to come in here to use the restroom anyway. Q. So, firstly I wanted to ask you guys what exactly is Freedyâs style? Itâs not very easy to categorize. A. Eli- well the reason for that is because we all have different influences and they tend to come out in the spur of the moment recordings. We have no style really but we like to think our roots were punk and everything since then has stacked on that foundation. so Punk-whatever... Q. How do you write material? Is there a primary writer? A Legs- No, not really. We all write lyrics throughout the year and jot them down and pass them around in case another has something to add. Sometimes they are fine as is. Such was the case with âœmake your kabobs a bitâ쳌 we felt we didnât need additional lyrics; it kind of said it all in that one phrase so we just repeated it. Q â so everyone writes lyrics? A Gary- sometimes I write songs in my head with the lyrics all done there, never writing anything down. Just singing it. They get it fast so thereâs never any issues. A- Elderly we all have different approaches to lyrics, Gar tends to write them in his head and sings them to us. Eli and Legs write material on paper or shoelaces or whatever they can find. If I were stranded on a desert island I would write on coconuts using jellyfish dye. Q- So who writes the music? A Eli â in the beginning there was a strict rule, hit record and play with nothing prepared. Forcing the drums and bass to follow the guitar. But as we evolved we decided to piece together ideas whether they are music based ideas or themes. Q- what do you mean themes? A- Legs.. Well elderly used to get bad headaches, so for example, I believe it was on the 4th CD, we decided to play âœThe Upside down Songâ쳌. This meant that everyone had to be on their heads or upside down forcing blood to rush to the brain and we forced elderly to sing knowing that a headache would ensue. I believe we got about 1.5 verses out before we had completed that song. This is a theme song. Q- so your songs are not always about the music? A- Elderly ohh no definitely not. Sometimes it's about sharing an idea more then being just a song. I believe it was on 7 that Gary had written a warning song about the gays overtaking the rest stops along the highways in California. Hence: âœGay Bums at Largeâ쳌 Q- So you really have 14 cdâs? A- Ohh yes we have well over 250 songs on 14 cdâs Q- How do you record so quickly, your renowned for getting in and out of the studio in less than 3 days while some bands can take up to a year recording. A- Legs.. Well i'm glad you asked that question. We record everything live and that includes vocals. It started as a means of getting a complete cd for cheap using less studio time but after a while we mastered the art of live recording and fell in love with it. Although some songs have had additional tracks due to technical difficulties, but never ever overdubs. Gary used to turn the microphone off without knowing it which made for problems with vocals so we fixed that by duct taping the switch in the âœONâ쳌 position. Then re-recorded the vocals but keep in mind we never ever redid any takes because there was a mistake, only because something got bumped or wasnât there that should have been. Q- so youâre saying that everything is recorded live? If so how long do you prepare in pre-production? A- Eli we donât rehearse at all. We run through the song or idea for about 10 minutes then once we have an idea of whatâs happening we record. Most of our songs have only been played one time. Q- if thatâs the case how do you play live? Do you have to rehearse before you do a show? A- Legs- Sometime around the âœFreedy Ateâ쳌 album we decided it might be fun to try to replay some older material. Knowing the songs only from what we listened to and never practicing, we assumed the right instruments for the proposed song and played it. This is when our new understanding occurred. We played the songs not only perfectly but we made the same unintentional mistakes in the exact same spots. Being in that live flow once again, not in a reproducing way but rather duplicating the total complete present time jam threw us back. We all reproduce the exact same playing we did on the live tracks originally. I'ts all very cosmic and strange. This realization led us to understand that if we rehearsed, we might actually change the song. Q- well I know your in a hurry so I thank you for your time. A- Legs- your very welcome we have to get going. Weâre babysitting a pig farm and testing acoustics in their barn. We try to never waste time. Greg Watson Sonic Weekly
Band/artist history
Freedy AL and the Bill Trenches Mold were born in the shadow of punk rock. Recording complete cd's in less then 2 hours flat, all one take and never playing the same instrument on consecutive songs. In the beginning Freedy Al was recorded on a boombox 1 take live. Shortly after moving into Golden Ear Studios for short sessions where Freedy AL and the Bill Trenches Mold recorded their second thru 5th CD's. Studio owner Bob Pagano moved to Grants Pass Oregon where he opened the Mountain Air studio on 5000 sq. feet. The band followed him to record Freedy AL 6 over a two day session. Once again all live with only 4 microphones by choice. For the following recordings the band decided to record themselves. The next 4 releases were recorded on a 4 track machine with an 8 track mixer and a drum submix-all live as usual.. 11 through 15 were recorded in a fully digital studio with the intent of making the sound quality what they always knew it could be. The the band was picked up by Mr.Lunch records shortly after the release of Freedy Al 11, code name (uncle amy's Maneschewitz delight). Since the beginning, an all punk band, and over the years of evolution has taken a toll. Eli studied Jazz for some time and the colors are quite apparent... even if it is through a blazing Marshall. It had become quite obvious the band couldn't limit themselves to any style or pre-conceived idea anymore so anything goes and that is the policy. Work out the song.. roll and record.. done.. it's simple. Some insanity, some heavy rock or punk.. as well as colorful jazz.. AND ALL LIVE!! That's the flavor of Freedy AL and the Bill Trenches Mold.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, Oregon, somewhat, you hear it on the cd
Your musical influences
Black Flag, Fripp, Steely Dan, Stanley Clarke, Rush
What equipment do you use?
Eli has taken to making his own mail-order effect stomp boxez.
Anything else?
Freedy Al and the Bill Trenches Mold has 4 rules. 1. All recording is done live in one take 2. No one is allowed to play the same instrument on consecutive songs. 3. No tuning the saxaphone 4. Ties are required as proper attire during sessions.
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