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Bruce Roberts Band
Bruce Roberts Band
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blues rock R&B influenced band, but including the all essential ingredient FUN!
Intro to the Box of Chocolates Album
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Enigma Spuriations
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The Bruce Roberts Band was formed in the '90s by Bruce Roberts (Vocals & Guitar) and has had many talented musicians as band members over the years.
Band/artist history
, , and . ' who were signed to Deram Records and released two singles. They went on to support , , and , , , Irma Franklin (sister of Aretha), (previously known as ''). Bruce also supported , and . Signed to , the band had two hit singles - ' (POF 113) released December 1968 (a rare disc now changing hands at Â20 a copy) and 'Yes or No' (POF 128) released April 1969 (also rare, seen offered on at  3,000 - equiv to Â15 a copy). Bruce also supported at ' an was released on Polydor records (also a rarity now fetching up to â100 - equiv to Â68 a copy). Bruce now supported and toured with and also supported , , , and founder . who produced 3 albums and 2 singles with Chris Blackwell's as well as a at the original (now fetching Â15 a copy). Bruce toured with , (again) and supported , , , , and . and were also priviliged to have Bruce's support!. - The Roxoff Lineup included Ronnie Taylor on Sax and Pete Hunt on Drums, although later on Pete was replaced with (Roger has previously worked with Hookfoot, China, Kiki Dee, Hall & Oates and Elton John). .) and still one of the most popular Shakin Stevens tracks. , featuring & , playing many a gig across East Germany and the South of France. Beale - Drums Martin has previously played with Trevor Burton (formerly of The Move), Richard Tandy (from ELO) and the black blues legend, Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
All the time, across the south of England. We love it! Check the gig-guide on our website.
Your musical influences
Many of the great bands and artisits mentioned in the band history section have influenced the band.
What equipment do you use?
Just the usual stuff as per any Blues/Rock 3 piece
Anything else?
Join us at a gig soon - you'll have a blast
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Guitar Type Beat "Positivity" 2020 Instrumental