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Deef Roelofs
Drums, drummer, project, jazz, fusion, freak, inflection, deef, roelofs, deef roelofs, jamm, jamm society, impro, international
3 songs
178 plays
Perpetual chaotic motion
Discount at the Aldi
another hour fun in the rehearselroom
Lost Species
prog metal
I started to play the drums in 1990 in a schoolband. At the time I couldn't even hold my sticks straight. But I soon realised that this was something I could enjoy doing for a long time. After several bands I quit drumming in 1998. I sold my drumkit, and for the next four years I never touched a pair of sticks again. In 2002 my urge was back when I recieved a phonecall from guitarist Worldtripper. So we started a band. This jamm based band became Inflection and suddenly the fun was back. At this point my old love for metal decreased but the love for impro grew stronger. Just sit down and play, not knowing what is going to come next. This gave me the kick and drive I needed. This drive grew so big that in 2004 the Jamm Society was created. Now I got the feeling that I am (musicaly speeking) in a place I fitt in.
Band/artist history
Previous bands. (1990 - 2004) Thundermug: Rock Torsion: Metal Smoke House Brown: Blues / Rock Soulcatcher: Prog. Metal Inflection: Prog. / Fusion / Rock / Metal?? Darwins Pride: Prog. Rock At the moment involved in a lot of projects and jamms.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live +/- 4 times a week. with the Jamm Society or projects. I love to play live on stage specially with impro. any moment playing live is a special moment.
Your musical influences
haha.. Can't tell. You wouldnt believe me.
Anything else?
Music........ A universal medium that provides a feel to the listener. So let's not have any boundaries!!
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