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XLusive Lyrix
XLusive Lyrix
8 Tracks
The hottest newest cleverest ish for the ear for the year 05 and way beyond baby...reppin HUD CITY to the fullest and the beatmakers of Soundclick..............
This is The "Theater of The Mind", a compilation of all the HOTTEST BEATZ me and my man found on Soundclick in the last 2 Months...we put together a side A version so far. Side B is coming soon... We don't care for ANY profits...we just want the internet and the underground hip-hop circuit to hear how the beats and verses created the story of our livez for your enjoyment!!!!!!!! BEATZ THAT WE USED ARE ASE FOLLOWED: Scarface Sample w/Stained Reflections Beat Straight Out The Lab A Charmed Life Cold Outside One Day Let's Ride Unbelievable Forbidden
Band/artist history
Name: XLusive Aliases: Skate, N8, Age: 26 Birthplace: HUDson,NY Favorite Artists: biggie, jada, Lloyd Banks Favorite Group: G-Unit Favorite Album: ready to die Favorite Hip-Hop Movie: menace to society Self Described Style: smooth flow with hot punchlines Hip Hop Accomplishments: I accomplished to master my flow... the rest has yet to be answered comments: I am gonna bring the game back to where it used to be. When everyone was flowing from the heart and not about money, jewelry, cars, etc... I mean if u got and thats what people want their album to be about I aint gonna hate. I do it for the love of the music. ************************************************* Name: Lyric Aliases: Rip, Peazie, Mort Rainey Age: 25 Birthplace: Hudson, NY Favorite Artists: Eminem, Jay-Z Favorite Group: Dead Poet Society Favorite Album: Ready To Die (Biggie) Favorite Hip-Hop Movie: Juice Self Described Style: Creative Thinker, I can spit fast or slow, my flow speaks for itself... Hip Hop Accomplishments: 97 Fly 92 Contest Winner, Blew Sombrero Beach in Fl Keys 4th of July bash, ripped club Epic in Key West, Runner up in 96.3 Jamz Hot Pick of The Week, Ripped "End of the Beginning Live" at Joe's Bar on 1/21/05 Comments: "I feel that I am gifted and I was put on this earth by god for one reason, to blow up and show the world my perspective. I am very devoted to my music, it is what gets me through the day. I vow to be heard before I'm takin under. Hold UP ! This is the new shit right here, me and my dogg XL are reppin H.U.D. in the sickest of ways these dayz ya feel me... THEATER OF THE MIND FOR THE UNDERGROUND, ITZ FOR THE MAINSTREAM, FOR RADIO, FOR MOVIES, YOUR PERFECT 24/7 STATION FOR HOTNESS BABY...STRICTLY SHOUTIN OUT THE PRODUCERS ON SOUNDCLICK FOR KILLIN IT ALL DAY!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
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Your musical influences
Our musical influences are mainly mix tapes and cd's, and a lot of the top hip-hop artists that don't get too commercial. We are also inlfluenced by our own music.
What equipment do you use?
None, we use soundclick beats
Anything else?
smoke a blunt and feel this sh*%
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