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Stubborn Lights
Stubborn Lights
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SL is more than your cookie cutter Hip Hop act. They consistently bring heat that's battle-oriented, positive, introspective, and smart with a creative vision
Stubborn Lights is a Bay Area Hip Hop group that is ready to explode on the scene with the most refreshing Hip Hop to grace the spot in years. "T@X!" (simply stated as Tax) is the emcee of the crew who struts brash, informative, coastally ambiguous flavor over rugged, neck snapping beats produced by the crews man behind the music, Right Engle. Heavily influenced by John Coltrane and other Jazz greats, Rights beats seem to stem from a place where razor wire and sunbeams coexist in harmony, making each track a definitely unique experience. Backed by the Bay Areas own DJ Shameless of KZSU fame, Stubborn Lights truly refuse to not shine. With original, introspective, and pensive tracks, they are sure to leave you open and asking for more. Not your cookie cutter Hip Hop crew, SL is not afraid to take a holistic approach to Hip Hop and invites their listeners wholeheartedly into their world where Hip Hop pays homage to all its influences all the time. With songs like "Fiction," (featuring Bay Area poetess Akweta Colbert) an almost literal audible breath of fresh air that forces the listener to exhale, and "Mr. Radio Man," a hard edged exposé of the stale, monopolized world of Corporate America's commercial radio, the Lights cover the full spectrum of what's missing in Hip Hop today.
Band/artist history
"T@X!" releases "Incomes T@X!" EP - 2001 "T@X!" forms CACHHE - 2002 SL officially forms - 2003 Akweta Colbert joins SL - 2003 "New Terms" drops - 2004 "Bahia" 12" Single - Slated For Release October 2005
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We will play live, wherever we are welcomed. The difficulty is that SL is currently Bi-Coastally split, so "T@X!" is in NY while Right Engle, DJ Shameless, and Akweta Colbert hold down CA. Any invitations to rock, though, on any coast, will be examined.
Your musical influences
A quick list of influences (in no specific order) would be John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Wu-Tang, Dr. Dre, James brown, Led Zeppelin, Gangstarr, Michael Jackson (only Thriller and Off the wall). Honorable mentions: A Tribe Called Quest, Curtis Mayfield, Prince Paul, Soulquarians, Digable Planets, Too Short, Nirvana, Guns N Roses, The Doors, Public Enemy, Run DMC, Tupac, Aretha Franklin, George Clinton, and many more.
What equipment do you use?
The contents of the Magic Cauldron shall remain a mystery.
Anything else?
SL's sole mission is to promote Hip Hop culture, in all it's fine forms, to the masses. We accept no garbage, demand effort, and constantly seek to empower the little guy. We recognize the power music can have on its audience and always try to be conscious of our message.
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