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David Clement
With hypnotizing guitar chords and a flair for subtle lyrics, David Clement can be found between REM, Ryan Adams and Eels, deep in the territory of accessible,
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The Jeff Stryker Song
Produced by Dante DeSole: Yet another acoustic exploration of the power of porn. If you're not familiar with Jeff, he has a very specific way of talking to his coworkers. Some of his favorite lines have been used in the chorus of this song.
Sweet little head bobber about growing old together. Produced by Jeffrey Lesser, some original tracks recorded by Bruce Whittcomb. Bass: Mike Stanzilis, Drums: Richard Dworkin, Guitar: Rob Bailey & DC
Da Boy (Diamond Boy)
Produced by Jeffrey Lesser; some original tracks recorded by Chris Cochrane and Gary Maurer. Guitars: Chris Cochrane, Rob Bailey and David Clement. Bass: Mike Stanzilis. Drums: Richard Dworkin.
Strap On (Solo Demo)
Produced by Bruce Whittcomb. This was a rush job done in Bruce's basement studio. Solo guitar and voice.
Strap On (Atlantic demo)
Produced by Robin Danar as a demo for Atlantic. They passed. You'll hear the Zeppelin influence. Musicians: Travis Pickle & a mystery cellist whose name I don't remember (She was an original member of Rasputina).
: vocals, acoustic guitar: electric guitar: cello
Band/artist history
David Clement was working hard in New York's visual art world until Liz Phair persuaded him to go public with his music. His first self-produced CD got chosen as an "editor's pick" by Billboard, and got him signed to a major label. He's no longer signed, and he's been in and out of a few bands. David's music has been featured on a couple of the finer shows on the WB, college radio stations and the better clubs across the country.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Love playing live. Usually in New York on the lap of The Lower East Side.
Your musical influences
Modest Mouse, Damien Rice, Liz Phair, Cars, Eels, Pretenders, Psychadelic Furs, Beck, Talking Heads, Broken Social Scene, Lou Reed, Bowie, The Shirrels
Anything else?
We're recording.
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