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Stranger Lazy
Stranger Lazy
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Indie-Rock, Stranger Lazy, Stranger, Lazy, Indie, Rock, IndieRock, Indie Rock, Keith Crawley, Paul Jansen, Rob Freeman, Kevin Fitzpatrick, CIA Spook, Elf Racket
Rock music with lo-fi indie influences. Recommended if you like: Guided By Voices, Spoon, Built to Spill, Television, The Arcade Fire, Pavement
Band/artist history
Your typical third person biography would read something like this: Stranger Lazy formed in 2002 in Indianapolis, IN with Rob Freeman on vocals and guitar, Mitch Sandalman on guitar, Kevin Fitzpatrick on drums, and Paul Jansen on bass and keyboard. It started (for all practical purposes) with Elf Racket [2003], a lo-fi basement record, and led into When Your Small Everything is Tall [2004], a similar but more collaborative effort. This naturally led into the studio for CIA Spook [2005], a wonderful exercise in recording an album (and so on and so forth). Their sound and style has been compared to _____ pick any combination of the following: Guided by Voices, Pavement, Spoon, Built to Spill, Television, etc., and they cite (aforementioned bands plus many more) as direct influences. Standard bio continues: Stranger Lazy has been lucky enough to perform at such notable Indianapolis venues as The Patio, Birdys, Radio Radio, and the Melody Inn, as well as the Bloomington staples Second Story and The Bluebird. Their music has been featured and performed on WIUS (Indiana University student radio) as well as WJEL in Indianapolis, and they had a song featured on the highly publicized Indy MP3 project in 2004. With that out of the way We are a rock band (a good one, too). We enjoy playing live and we enjoy recording our songs. We think you will enjoy listening to them, and if you dont there must be something wrong with you. Whos makin coffee?
Have you performed in front of an audience?
So far.. Indianapolis, Bloomington, Terre Haute..
Your musical influences
(explained in bio)
What equipment do you use?
Two guitars, a bass, electronic keyboard, and drums.