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Fingerprint Chaos
Fingerprint Chaos
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mostly acoustic, some metal, all strange. fingerprint chaos is a mix of weird chords, metaphoric and sometimes cryptic lyrics, kinda bluesy, dim and melodic, ph
12 songs
This site is about to get a MAJOR overhaul done on it!!! I'm getting some new recording equipment, and all of these songs will be remastered or redone altogether. Also currently looking to do some collaboration work via file xchange for anyone interested, please e-mail me at fingerprintchoas@yahoo.com to inquire.
Band/artist history
Me, a guitar, a notebook, and a makeshift recording rig... the rest is in the music, check it out if you want to learn more.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I mostly play around somerset,ky, although I havent played a show in a while due to college. I do collaboration work with Chris Murray from nemo_dna as well.
Your musical influences
all the obstacles that hinder my inner growth. conflicts of all sorts, human suffering, etc. love, dreams, hate, life in general. Tool, Incubus, Live, the dillenger escape plan, finger eleven, tori amos, rasputina, silverchair, mudvayne, smashing pumpkins, peter gabriel, tears for fears, panic at the disco, fuel, slipknot, days of the new, system of a down, nirvana, REM, folk implosion, a perfect circle, i could go on for days, you get the idea.
What equipment do you use?
a fender acoustic, a vintage silvertone electric, fruity loops studio 6XXL producers edition, Audacity, and my imagination.
Anything else?
-yeah, there was always an internet, it's just that everyone didn't know how to get online... -Our lives are but a blink of god's eye. -According to karma, if i punch myself, will myself punch me back someday? -If darwinism goes any slower, we're gonna have to start executing them. -mean people are called "assholes" because all they say is a bunch of shit. -"Thanks for stabbing me in the back, by the way, all that blood that just squirted on you is full of H.I.V., chlamydia, and siphylis. you know what they say: 'what goes around, comes around'."
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