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Stardust Records artist FOXX is a 2004 country music Independent Grammy Award nominee and the Tennessee Country Music Alliance's 2004 Fem. Vocalist of the Year!
9 top 50
10 songs
57.6K plays
Get Over It
Redneck Things
FOXX details her love of the fast live. :)
The Only One
Love ballad written by FOXX's manager, Mikki Tatum, president of NightVixen Entertainment.
Haunting gothic new-country melody about a woman whose love has died. This single hit No. 1 in Austria in June 2003!
Like I Care
A sassy rockabilly tune with lots of attitude!
WELCOME TO THE FOXX'S DEN!!! This is the primary web site dedicated to FOXX, a 2004 Independent Grammy Award nominee and the Tennessee Country Music Alliance's 2004 Golden Elite Division Female Vocalist of the Year! FOXX is a recording artist for Stardust Records of Nashville! FOXX's promotion team, headed by NightVixen Entertainment President Mikki Tatum and NightVixen Promotions Dirctor and FOXX personal manager Vicki West, is planning a concert tour for FOXX to support the Kentucky Center for Women & Families, so check the TOUR DATES section to see when she will be coming your way! Also check out FOXX's songs while you're here, and her other links as well--MP3 singles are now available for sale! FOXX FEVER is sweeping the US and Europe, and it's a wonderful thing to catch!!
Band/artist history
FOXX's music career sprang forward after she signed with NightVixen Entertainment! NightVixen took FOXX under its wing and negotiated contracts with Stardust Records of Nashville; now, more negotiations are under way with an investor/promoter, and a major label deal may be on the horizon!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Right now FOXX is booked through Vicki West at NightVixen Entertainment (502-618-0085). She performs live regularly. Check out FOXX's gig calendar for the show nearest you!
Your musical influences
Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Jo Dee Messina, Dixie Chics... these have all been influences on FOXX musically, but this gothic country girl likes to rock her country songs, too! Her biggest country music influences, however, are her mother, Joyce Harmon of Ghent, Ky.; her late grandfather, T.C. Burgess of Ghent, Ky.; and her late grandmother, Della Burgess of Ghent, Ky. FOXX's father, Larry Meadows of Hanover, Indiana, has played trombone nearly all his life and now plays in various bands around the Louisville, Ky. and southern Indiana area.
What equipment do you use?
FOXX's equipment is provided. She and her back-up band arrive fully equipped for a superb sound and light show, if necessary.
Anything else?
FOXX's CD, "Wild and Wicked," contains 6 songs that have hit NO. 1 on various charts, and 2 singles that have soared to No. 1 in European countries! Her single, "Some Kind of Trouble," hit No. 1 in France on Dec. 8, 2003, and her single, "Remember," hit No. 1 in Austria in June 2003. "Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me," the Christmas tune from FOXX's "Wild and Wicked" CD, hit No. 1 in Germany in January 2005! The "Wild and Wicked" CD is available now for purchase at http://www.cdbaby.com, and selected singles from the album can be purchased right here!
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