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Electronic Power Pop/Rock artist Peacechild Recorded in the Cook Islands, this New Zealand born artist's album has something for everyone. Now based in Los An
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This stunning Solo artist takes Electronic Power Pop and Electronic Pophitz Rock to a new taunting level of ambient degrees
Band/artist history
"Peacechild" is well produced, not overly, power rock/electronic/power pop music , just music. The songs are all laced with the world goings on, the inner self and the outer self. It is dedicated to the struggle that cultures and religions still suffer with under predujice and racism. Bob Marley did a great job folks! So did the Southern Blues artists like Koko Taylor and Johnny Winters. This Peacechild CD is 13 songs strong, created on raw energy and "Cook Island Time". I dedicate this also to Eddie Wichman who funded the energy and supplied the studio till all wee hours of the night, and to Tani Mussell, who engineered the mixdown after tirelessly laboring on Pro Tools and showing mehow to get around the platform which of course now is second nature, thanks to him! Buy the album for the party night wit the girls and guys, great dance tracks, great talking music also on this album, something to think about.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Paladinos Nightclub in the Valley of San Fernando, CA, that's still regarded as Los Angeles. Fronted for Mulholland Drive, a Hard Rock Retro Band with great guys and a good writer. I admit the songs might have been updated easily to fit todays rock. Stirling also fronts the GrayWolf Band, a Seminole Based Blues Rock band playing large audiences in 2007. Stirlings own band is working on it's first EP which will be made finished in the Cook Islands as an album for distribution. You might catch the Peacechild out with his Ace Bass buddy Bobby doing Open Mike's or guest performances with Einstein at Webbers. Check out the news on this site for upcoming gigs with GrayWolf Blues Native Band. It's got the "Rock" in it though!
Your musical influences
Bowie, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Lover, Piano at Grand Mas house, still alive at 95 and sucking down Martinis at 5pm today and everyday!! My My My, who have I left out? Mp3 of course. I've worked at a few studios and they have always keyed my intellect towards the song and the performance because sometimes people really do "have faith" (track 3) in what you are about. My sister placed alot of faith in me also and produced a demo that was shopped in Los Angeles!! That was cool to be a apart of though.
What equipment do you use?
I have Keyboards, a Band, so they have all kinds of S#$% Roland gear, Triton, Ensoniq, Pro tools, Reason, which I support, acoustics and 3 big G5 power plants.
Anything else?
Peacechild album was recorded in the Cook Islands, which are North of New Zealand, east of Samoa and west of Tahiti, did i mention south of Hawaii?? So there's alot going on from severa different angles yah?? The Peacechild album, was the catalyst in coming to LA. You need alot more than just product yah?, The songs on peacechild that relate directly to recent incidences in Iraq and Afgani, was what I was writing about prior to the invasion of Afganistan. Prophetic for me to have the chance to write current beats and lyrics about the Taliban and woman and Iraq and war before the war broke out, more in the evaluation, the critique and kowing nothing of it really except they produce 99% of the worlds opium. Oh well, some things will never change....yah?
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