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The Evidents
The Evidents
24 Tracks
Alternative underground hip-hop from Rochester Ny. We bring a truthful sound and shy away from the commercial garbage that the radio plays. There is no other.
I know we are so good!
Band/artist history
We learned not to lick the nipple pasties at a mexican strip joint. The effect is as intoxicating as drinking 10 40-ounces and your bowels become weaker than a kitten with scoliosis. Just kidding. I used to be friends with a kid named Chris, and Chris and Mike did music together. Mike pretty much did most of the stuff on his own, and I really digged his ideas and sound. We became good friends soon enough and started working on some tracks. Oh, and I'm the one with the deep voice. -Kelly
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We want to play live. We do pretty good.
Your musical influences
Alternative, positive, and abstract hip-hop. Okayplayer, Def Jux, Rymesayers, some Non-Phixion, etc.
What equipment do you use?
A mic and a computer. And a banana.
Anything else?
We're pretty much original in the sense we have our own ideas and style. One of the problems is, we lack instrumentals, so we have to borrow alot from other people. Now, we have a producer, so that problem is pretty much lifted off of our shoulders. Still, he's quite the slow worker. A month is a long time to get a track done. We'll post the original tracks with the foreign beats and Mark's beats with our accapella's whenever we get them. Also, live joints when we can. PEACE.
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