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son of slaves
son of slaves
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son of slaves.com,hip-hop,rap,soul,pop,r&b,funk,rock,urban,world,political,controversial,spiritual,music,art,freedom.
Welcome 2 a new world of sound, thought & life. from the ancients..thru the underground... ..a son of slaves has been born...a chosen one.
Band/artist history
Introducing Son Of Slaves Born and raised in brooklyn, New York, USA, Shariiyah Levi discovered his musical roots at a time when black artists were thriving in the world as top rated musicians, singers, & superstars. These artists were like personal teachers to Levi, who listened to every inch of a song to learn flow & dynamics. At the young age of eight, he was writing lyrics... still, however, engulfed in his own visual perception of the time & world around him. A young black boy in awe of his culture and at the same time ..afraid of it. It wasn't until the late 80s, when hip-hop was alive and well, that Levi began to take his musical ideas seriously and started to teach himself piano & drums. Soon guitar, bass, and whatever else Levi desired for the creative process. He could rap, scratch, & dance . By 1990, Shariiyah Levi was known as an artist who could write, play, & perform. He presented his band International Zoo in NYC, and always received standing ovations. So inspired by Levi's band, Fleetwood Mac & U2 had the phrase or text"ZOO" planted into their works. 10 years later, Son Of Slaves was born due to Levi's deep inner soul searching of his past and his future. Respectively an artist and a voice of passion, Shariiyah Levi and his art, life, and soul are represented on his latest writings, "ESCAPE". His first ever work of such nature using all acoustic instruments with hip-hop drum loops and samples to produce a warm tone reminiscent of the 70s. Levi has been on stage or in the studio with the following artists & groups: A Flock of Seagulls Richie Havens Kurtis Blow The Fatboys Stetsasonic MCs Guru (Gangstarr) Nosliw The Roots No Jazz SWV Metaphysics Lisha R. Kelly Lauren Hill UNICEF Cowboys On Dope Currently in Europe, Levi plans to tour in both Europe and USA to promote the release of "Escape"...A seventeen song collection of thoughts, dreams, poems, and prayers saturated with cool soulful reflections. Real brass, pure strings, Levi's razzy vox & bluesy guitar make this an album worthy of attention.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
anywhere the peeps r havin' a good time without killin' each other!!! outdoors r the most spiritual.....Right now i'm n Europe settin' up shop..
Your musical influences
love 4 music..love 4 my people. Some of my all time favs are Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Toto, Hendrix, Santana, Norah Jones, Marley & the Wailers, Sly Stone, Prince, ...and the list goes on..Even Mozart, Bach, and the ol' skool crew.. the more u learn, the more u burn..
What equipment do you use?
any guitar that stays in tune, my hands..mind..soul..prayers..dreams..thoughts..
Anything else?
Shalom ..welcome 2 the urban acoustic experience.. stay "tuned" ;) ________________________ Peace, Luv & Thanx 2 all my friends around the world. I hope y'all continue 2 listen and share my music. YAH bless! Frieden, Liebe und Dank zu all meinen Freunden in der Welt. Ich hoffe, dass Sie fortsetzen, zuzuhÃren und meine Musik zu teilen. Gott segnet Sie alle! Paz, el amor, y gracias a todos mis amigos en el mundo. Espero que continúe escuchar y compartir mi música. Dios bendiga a todos! Paix, amour, et grÃce à tous mes amis dans le monde. J'espÃre que vous continuer à Ãcouter et de partager ma musique. Dieu vous bÃnisse tous! Pace, amore, e grazie a tutti i miei amici nel mondo. Spero che lei continui ad ascoltare e condividere la mia musica. Dio vi benedica tutti! Son Of Slaves
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