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Transparent Heart
Transparent Heart is a band that was created from a desire to communicate to people on a real level. The lyrics are written from a down to earth perspective th
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The Cure
More of a Country Rock feel. It is about brokeness and failures and trying to find an answer, a "cure" for it.
Dream Summer Breeze
No matter how bad you think you've got it, it really could be worse...so enjoy life
Winner of the 2004 KCCM Song Writer of the Year Award, Transparent Heart has once again earned their spot as multi award nominees, taking home the Best Live Performers of the Year Award in this year's 2005 Music Awards. With nominations for "Best Band of the Year," "Best Album of the Year," "Best Male Vocalis, "Best Female Vocalist," "Favorite Song of the Year" and winning the "Best Live Performers of the Year Award," it is obvious that Transparent Heart is not planning on stopping anytime soon. Taking home the "Song of the Month for November", for "My Everything", in 2006, at the KCCM awards dinner, was a great feeling for this year, too.
Band/artist history
The band is currently playing on radio stations KHCA in Kansas, The KCCM Radio show in Kansas and the JPEG show on KCXL in Missouri. They have appeared on KQ2 TV as a feature, two shows in Omaha, Nebraska at the Cox Cable Station as well as interviewed on TBN's Praise The Lord Program. They already have a large fan base that covers many states, and some internationally.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live and love to spend time just jamming.
Your musical influences
We have all come from such diverse backgrounds, when we add this all together, the mix can get very interesting, especially lately. I can't wait till our new cd is released!!! It is so different than what we are used too, it has been a blast to work on.
Anything else?
We are wanting to go further out toward the coasts in bookings and radio play. If you would like to sponsor us or book us or know someone who would, please contact us at www.seraphim@grm.net
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