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A Nu Covenant
A Nu Covenant
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Contemporary Gospel
Where is My Morning
Peak position #98
Crazy Praise
Peak position #64
Case of the Cant Helpits
Peak in sub-genre #25
Peak position #98
I'd Rather Have Jesus
Peak in sub-genre #12
Thousands of years ago Jesus Christ commissioned his disciples to go out into the world and teach all nations the good news. Times have definitely changed since then, but the message is still the same. JESUS SAVES...He is a healer...deliverer......and he came that we might have life, and life more abundantly. God has given ANC a special anointing and a distinct sound to catch the ears of the people we are assigned to reach. Each member of ANC has a testimony, with issues ranging from sexual abuse, drug abuse, child abuse, and alcoholism, making us eyewitnesses to God's delivering power.....that in itself is divine purpose and destiny. God selected us to form this group because of that very reason. Our ministry is what we like to call "real talk". OUR MISSION IS TO TEACH REAL PEOPLE, WITH REAL ISSUES, HOW TO FIND REAL LOVE, RECIEVE REAL DELIVERANCE, ACHIEVE REAL HOLINESS, WHICH LEADS TO TRUE HAPPINESS. Jesus went back thousands of years in the spirit, and captured the true message, passion, and experience; wrapped it in flesh, gave it a song and called it ANC! IT'S TIME TO GO BACK TO HOLINESS!!!
Band/artist history
ANC A New Covenant Comprised of a group of radical young Christians (ages 19-27), ANC is on a mission to spread the message of Christ. These young people are on assignment to promote holiness and true righteousness. They have an extraordinary ministry, and the lifestyle to go with it. Their goal is to show other young people, it is very possible to be young, saved, and still have fun. ANC approaches gospel music with and edge and a fresh yet familiar sound. They want to spread the message of Christ with a fun but holy technique. Compromising their salvation for popularity is not an option. Romans 12:2 says Be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds. Money, fame, and fortune take a back seat to holiness, righteousness, and truth. Ministry comes first! Their hit single Id Rather Have Jesus, is testimony to that. ANC has a style all their own. Their sound is a jambalaya of contemporary, traditional, and original tones, beats, and lyrics. Their album entitled Id Rather Have Jesus, due January 22, 2005, has a little something for everybody, and yet manages to maintain a consistent style. They talk about real issues and offer solutions to those issues. Songs like The Case of the Cant Help Its, Where is my Morning, and In the Meantime talk about the issues of sex, depression, loneliness, and bondage; and they point you to an answer-----Christ. Each song is a sermonette. These young people realize it is not easy to be young and saved in this day and time. Their songs are personal testimonies; that relate to the everyday problems and struggles young people face, and give insight on how to cope. Not only will your ears be tickled, but your heart and mind will be challenged as well. ANC is out to challenge people all over this world to stand up for holiness! ANC was formed in fall 2000 by Pastor Hazel Brown of New Covenant Sounds of Praise Ministries. Under her intense teaching, these young people have hidden the Word of God in their hearts. Pastor Brown is an old school powerhouse with an awesome 21st century ministry. She has taken true holiness from the past and merged it with the young Christian life of the present and future. Her teachings greatly inspired ANCs music and style---and style they have!!!!. They believe in giving God their best; when they minister they dress like they are going to see the King. Their style is reminiscent of the sleek style of the Harlem Renaissance: sophisticated, savvy, classy, young, fresh, clean, but most importantly holy. Although they have seasoned roots, they definitely know how to have fun. They are full of personality and energy. They love to laugh and enjoy life. Christ came that we might have life and that more abundantly. ANC has traveled all over the tri-state area and the east coast letting their lights shine. They won the 2004 McDonalds Gospel Fest, which aired on UPN on July 18, 2004. ANC was featured on TBN as well. They have performed alongside Natalie Wilson and SOP; and have earned the admiration and respect of many other gospel favorites. Under the direction of Brian Reeves (writer, director, and vocal producer) and Paul Curtis (Musical Director), ANC has developed and matured in skill and ability. Over the years they have become popular, not because of anything that they have done but because of the anointing God have placed on their lives. God has put his hand on these young people and equipped them to do a job. February 5, 2005 is the day God unleashes these soldiers to war on the entire world. They are going into the enemys camp and take back what belongs to Him! Its time to go back to the basics, Holiness or Hell. There is no in between. The choice is yours. Its either the world, or the Kingdom of God. Think about it; what would you rather have? As for ANC----- theyd rather have Jesus!
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