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Young Swift 719
Young Swift 719
27 Tracks
I am different. I speak my mind. I have a vigalante aproach to the corupt world around me. Dont like it? Dont care.
**ATTENTION** I finally got a myspace page plus im changing my name. I will no longer go by Young Swift. My new alias is Son Of Abraham. check out new songs @ www.myspace.com/SonOfAbraham Thank you all who liked me as Young Swift. Hopefully you'll love me as SOA. Much love.
Band/artist history
Young Swift was born in Colorado Springs on December 25th, 1988 and raised in Pueblo Colorado. Around the age of 11, him and a friend started to make rap songs. After only a couple of songs, Swift realized how fun and easy it was to rap. When he was 14 he joined a group with 2 of his friends and created "The 719 Boyz" but only wrote a few songs. Swift decided to go solo after many confrontations with the group. When Swift was 15 he met Naimliss of No Gimmik Records and started to make music with a more experienced emcee. This was around the time Swift realized that music is a form of expression and not the materialistic egotistical jingles that was always on the radio. In 2001, Swift recorded his first studio track with a guy named Phat Lip. Shortly after, Naimliss introduced Swift to Krazy 8 of Da Drama Records, where Swift wrote a track on the spot and that convinced Krazy 8 to sign him. Once signed to Da Drama Records, Swift began work on his first album entitled "Straight From Locorado". This album was Swift in the beginning. Small clues as to what would later come to be some of the greatest material that Swift would produce. Anger, wit, lyrical and delivery talent, and some pretty good producers to fill it all out. After 5 months of recording, Straight From Locorado hit the streets but made little to no spark in the game. Maybe because Swift only made about 200 copies. Since that release, Swift has been part of many collaboration releases including the 2 Drama Mixtapes (Flight 719 to 801, 2003 & It's Illdo, 2005) He is now currently working on his next album entitled Ominous, which is Swift speaking in truest form. From his anger showing in songs like Who Am I and his eagerness to show the world his talent in songs like Go To A Better Place, its apparent that this kid is here to stay. By not following or listening to what anyone in the game has to say, he proceeds forward and knows that, although times will be hard, he will have what he always wanted... to be at the top of the game.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live every chance i get. I have done many local shows and have performed with the likes of Scum www.Gorehop.com, The Brutally Vicious Killaz, and West Nile. I have opened up for Lil Rob, had a major rap battle at a sold out Baby Bash concert,. I will also be performing February 25th @ The Aztlan Theatre in Denver Colorado. Check out www.DaDramaRecords.com or www.PueblotusPod.com for any upcoming Colorado concerts.
Your musical influences
Everything but materialistic music. Im not to fond of one man bragging to another man on the stupid things they have.
What equipment do you use?
visit www.DaDramaRecords.com for studio pictures
Anything else?
www.DaDramaRecords.com www.PueblotusPod.com www.5150xo.com
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