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Bottled (UK)
Bottled (UK)
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The Bottled Deliver... Guitar Driven Brit Pop, Indie and Retro-Fueled Psychedelic Rock. Syd Barrett lives here too...
The project 'Songs From The River' is very much a 'Cambridge' album and features completely new material recorded in Cambridge, UK from the Summer of 2004 to Spring 2005. Mainly guitar driven it also features a wicked selection of classic analog synthesizers particularly on the more 'psychedelic' tracks. Although inspired by the great British rock bands like The Who and paying special tribute to Syd Barrett it also, and maybe most importantly, makes a very original and relevant contribution to the current UK music scene. It's played to be heard.
Band/artist history
Originally performing with the jazz rock group 'Naked Lunch' (including the Cambridge folk festival) guitarist/songwriter Paul Brazier went on to join North London based 'college art rock' outfit 'The Dangerous Bananas'. 'The 'Bananas' provided the support act on tour for one of John Peels favourite bands; Martian Dance. As a side project Paul played guitar for a rock opera in a band led by Tim Pope - (who went on to become The Cures main video director) and Rick Wakeman looking keyboard player Charlie Gray. Paul then went on to provide the bass and driving force behind the slightly dangerous ska/punk and psychobilly bands 'The Xtras' and 'The Mad Dogs' along with Chris Young on guitar and John Woodman delivering the manic vocals. Following an invitation to work in France from ex 'Press Any Key' guitarist David Taylor Paul became the key songwriter for the Anglo-French rock band New Babylon. New Babylon received some favourable UK press reactions to studio releases and gained radio airplay but failed to achieve much further recognition beyond France and failing to get any financial backing beyond live shows split following one last extensive tour of France. Returning to England Paul embarked on a recording project in North London with ex-1000 violins drummer Ian Addey. Ian then moved family to South Wales and joined the Welsh classic rock band 'Orange Fall' and Paul returned back once again to the Cambridge music scene where he had begun.. The Bottled Project brings together a wealth of experience to generate something very special for the discriminating listener.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No definate dates. But the Strawberry fayre outdoor festival is looking good...
Your musical influences
Influenced by the British rock scene from the Kinks thro to the Who and the psychedelia of Syd Barret and Pink Floyd.. Brian Eno... Talking Heads. The Independant scene of the 80's including Joy Division, 90's Brit pop; The Charlatans, Blur, Oasis, Supergrass thro to Radiohead and more recently Franz Ferdinand and The Libertines... and about a 1000 other bands. Some of this is John Peel's fault. RIP
What equipment do you use?
THe Studio work involves the use of extensive analog synths and emulations.. including Moogs, M-Tron ARP 2600, CS 80-V, Pro 53 ImpOSCar, FM7, B4 , Rhodes Piano and anything that makes a nice noise. Vintage guitars and valve amps. Classic gear for a classic sound.
Anything else?
The first Bottled album is now available from our page at CDBaby http://www.cdbaby.com/bottled