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Lenny Lee Warmington is my name imlen2 because my fathers name is leonard get it? = imlen2.
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603 songs
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Feast in a Bag
she got da zoster on her roster
a story about cliques cheer leaders persecuting girls that do not fit their vision of a classmate. unpopular girls unite and kick ass.
it was the law they aint having none of that
Loose Lips
a variation on the go go's our lip's are sealed. all the vocals are mine even the welcome to exp intro.
it's me one of the times i used my voice instead of those mechanical ones not really any difference if you ask me... i need a good singer who will work for free and do exactly as i say and never get their name on any of the credits.
feast in a bag
hi I'm Len all of my music is free to download. I have a website called oddindeed.com here are some links you can follow http://www.oddindeed.com/jokes/ for some elephant jokes as told by steven hawking.. http://www.oddindeed.com/chubby/ to see chubby checker dance to some of his hits
Band/artist history
my henchmen Spencer Plays Guitar Sarah Plays Bass Matthew plays drums raymond plays guitar and banjo Juliana plays Violin and piano lenny yells/whoops, finger pointing/shaking, odd irritating noises/bags jack aranda on slide flappie labia vocals Polly Darhton special thanks to the Blinder of Monte bo bo syd nificant terry Dactile norma lee plus the fabulous mechanical voices. ryan, graham, lucy, anjali,micah, anna,bridget,julie,kate,paul, and jenifer. with extra help from Melvin Bishop Jick Magger Mallice Hooper mingo zarr erick Kaplan zank frappa
Have you performed in front of an audience?
nobody ever asked us to
Your musical influences
Frank Zappa, Count Basie, Clutch Cargo, Bullwinkle Moose, ian dury, The Social Deviants, Dred Zeppelin, question mark and the mysterions, Love, the Monkees, Kastenetz Katz Singing orchestral Circus, Vanilla Fudge, the Rutles, the animals, gumby, doctor demento, wolfman jack kcrb, khj radio krwb, the beach boy's, bobby boris picket, napoleon the fourteenth, johnnie winter, bb king, savoy brown, primus, emerson lake and palmer, blind faith, lee Michaels, john mayall, pink Floyd, jethro tull, allen Sherman, murrey the k, ravi Shankar, rory gallager, dred zepplin .
What equipment do you use?
very little .
Anything else?
hello everybody you can download all you want it's free thank you for listening. special thanks to Easle e Dunn lilly white and flappy labia and not to forget the Blinder of monte Bo Bo for their contributions.
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