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Fiery Jack
Fiery Jack
Fiery Jack are unique in what they do !!! you can guarantee a great lively night of Scottish patriotism and a few laughs thrown in at a Fiery Jack gig. No two nights are the same.....
Tell me about your history? How did you get where you are now?
Fiery Jack have been in existence, in one form or the other, since 2000. Some of the names who have played or are currently still playing with us include Jim Flanagan,Steve Firth,Donald Hinton,Chuck Parker,John Ward,Donald Neill,Colin mairs,Angus MacRury,Go-Go Balfour,Paul Miller,Alex Still,George Thom,Mike Wynne and Elaine Mallon
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
We have a very energetic and visual presence. We have played at some great gigs all over Scotland. Corporate events and battle commemoration events are our speciality. We love playing at The Battle of Falkirk commemoration and Culloden and Arbroath especially but also enjoy The St Andrews day parade every year held in Edinburgh and is very close to our hearts. We are looking forward to being involved at the inaugural West Lothian St Andrews day rally being held in Armadale,West Lothian on the 26th November 2011
Your musical influences
The Corries mixed with The Clash !!!!
Anything else?
Fiery Jack have been described by reviewers as a cross between The Clash and The Corries, giving audiences a taste of high energy Scottish Folk mixed with songs from their favourite artists. Fiery Jack are unique in what they do and no two shows are the same as these musicians can play their set as a 2 piece right up to a 5 piece. Being a well established band from West Lothian they have played all over Scotland providing intimate acoustic performances and exciting full on live shows for pubs, clubs, festivals and charity events across the country. They are an experienced band that can meet the needs of almost any promoter or venue. Arriving on stage with kilts, bodhrans and bags of attitude this band can promise every audience they'll end up dancing and singing their wee hearts oot.