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Dougi D
Dougi D
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Gangster rap, hip hop junkie, Lyricist, Mack, Funny, Comedy,
Whats crackin hardcore hip hop fans, If you dont know me, This is your chance too. My name Is Dougi Deez Nutz AKA Dougi D. I spit raw hardcore hip-hop/rap. My Idols are diverse ranging from Necro/Psycho-logical Records to Mac Dre/Thizz records and lots in between including pac, jedi mind tricks, esoteric, masta ace, cougnut, baldhead ric, b legit, mac mall, eazy e, souls of mischief, too short etc. As you see its a mix of underground hip hop to hardcore gangsta rap. These artist's are one direct cause of how I rap and the style I have grown to use. (dont get me wrong im far from being a serious artist so im still working on different styles) These song were made around 2003 and all lyrics that I spit are written by me.
Band/artist history
None really cept for costorous (youll be out soon brah) when we used to spit mad shit on tracks and eat up cliques.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have only played Live once or twice and not at any venue's. Mainly just kareoke. I love being on stage and spittin my shit, it gives me a rush of adreneline. As for special moments, not any worth flapping my gums about.
Your musical influences
Gangsta rap, G-Funk, Break Beats, Hard hats and Bass, Necro, Vinnie Paz, Pimpin tunes, Mackin funk
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
Fuck the haters, Suck a Fat D**K