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Not Jim Smith
Not Jim Smith
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Young, old, excited, bored, badly played, beaten up acoustic, bedroom recorded punk? folk-punk, indie, Lo-fi, noise, Folk, Anti-folk, ??, rubbish
Not a waste of life for you or yor friends. Countryside hatred of shelves, post/pre/during If ROBIN DIES is full of jokes that noone seems to understand possibly due to hearing loss Communal peeing on keyboards and sending them to people who might find it erotic since 2004 more headings that tell you nothing If EVER you needed a reason to turn off the internet this just might be it. Now go and listen to the song s and decide. #Important Note# - I have very little access to recording technologies - some of these songs are fuggin dreadful##### (but some of these songs have been made more dreadful by access to said tainted equipment)
Band/artist history
History. i'll tell you about history. this whole thing is old. its an internet fossil. not an exciting one like what Alan Grant wants to gut that kid with but maybe an irritating one that disproves a theory or two that i had made up. Don't you reckon biographies are a waste of time? its not any more or less interesting than your history. if you really really want to know. find something better to do with your time. or send me your history. we can swap.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'll play anywhere and sometimes do, its a great place, and the specialisst time i ever had was making my very own page on soundclick.con yessir it was
Your musical influences
errr oh thee internett people love their lists dont they....., some bands/people i like (not promising that i do or dont sound like them) are - Toby Johns, Laminator, Liars, Gogol Bordello, Birdengine, Poison Girls, Crass, Meat Puppets, Milkteeth, Breeders, Pixies, Babes in Toyland, Sonic Youth, Belly, old Pulp, Crucifucks, Heroine Sheiks, Raincoats, Dama Nilz, Swans, Tom Waits, Munly, Flipper, Guanoman, Syd Matters, Orion Rigel Dommisse, Steeleye Span, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Pram, Mcdermott's 2 Hours, Leonard Cohen, Cows, Melvins, Those Gay Hippies, Erics Trip, Military Surplus/RDF, Cocorosie, Melt Bannana, Beat Happening, rolls, Nick Cave/Birthday Party, Talking Heads...How about if you listen to it, write to me with what you think it sounds like..maybe i can put that up instead i dont know??
What equipment do you use?
fuq orff, you';re just trying to make fun of my guitar - its not in your mastabatory articles in 'rock sound' that's all you need to know.
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