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Season (UK)
Season (UK)
3 Tracks

matt malone vocals / guitar
steve cooper drums / recording
nuno lourenço bass / backing vox
dave patterson guitar /
gavin rossdale (bush) singing for biffy clyro, who have just written a new record after listening to 3 colours red all year.........................
Band/artist history
Season are a hardworking rock band based in Birmingham, england. They formed in July 1996, young and hopeful, and have evolved into what you see and hear today - in 2006. a Ten year path that has seen them grow and make music that not only challenges them, but inspires others. There is unwavering self belief going through the heart of this band, a desire to succeed, a desire to make great music, to keep improving, a desire to see how far they can take it...... Season are: Matt Malone - voc & guitar Steve Cooper - drums Nuno Lourenco - bass & backing vocals David Patterson - guitar & backing vocals Reviews: 'Season should, and will, go far...' - Holly Noseda - www.musosguide.com/gigreviews/ '...truely stunning debut album... ' - Tongue In Cheek Magazine '...keep an eye out for these guys, the future's looking bright...' - Paul Whitlam - Upandcoming.biz '...Mtv2, Kerrang! and Scuzz should be all over these guys like a rash...' - rockweb '...we could be onto something very big here, certainly a band to keep an eye out for...' - Rhythm and Booze Magazine www.season.org.uk www.myspace.com/season www.season.at.tt
Have you performed in front of an audience?
In and around Birmingham (England) A nationwide University Tour is being set up for September 2005.
Your musical influences
bush, biffy clyro, brandnew, 3 colours red, instruction, hot rod circuit, ash, feeder, idlewild, rival schools, engerica, revolution smile, audiovent, incubus, greenday, pixies, weezer, injected, hell is for heroes, wildhearts, silverchair, deftones, muse, slint, shellac, my bloody valentine, pearl jam, foo fighters, reuben, crackout, gemma hayes, soulwax, my vitriol, million dead, carrie, littlehell....................
What equipment do you use?
Dave: Music Man Axis Fender 1995 USA Strat (customised with Pearly Gates Humbucker) Fender 1997 USA Strat Fender Strat Takamine EAN10C Kramer Pacer Peavey Vandenburg Session Pro Acoustic Yamaha FG412-12 (12 string acoustic) Albambra S.A Classic Guitar Fender 1999 USA Precision Bass Guitar AMPS: Marshall 6100 (100 Watt valve amp head) 4 x 12" Marshall Speaker Cabinet EFFECTS: Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner Morley Power Wah Digitech Whammy Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyser - Ring Modulator Electro Harmonix Big Muff Boss DS-1 Distortion Boss EQ-2 Equalizer Electro Harmonix Small Stone Boss RV-3 Reverb/Delay Boss BF-3 Flanger Boss CE-2 Chorus Boss TR-2 Tremelo Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeller Line 6 POD V2 Matt: GUITARS: Fender Mexican Strat (Sunburst) Fender Japanese Jazzmaster (Crème) AMP: Laney tf300 Amp EFFECTS: Boss DS2 Pedal Bespeco Foot Switch Korg DT3 Tuner PLECTRUM: Jim Dunlop 1mm Black Plectrums Steve: DRUMKIT: Pearl Session Series Drums CYMBALS: Sabian AA Cymbals
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