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The Imitation Underground
The Imitation Underground theimitationunderground michael mike cd curran dorsano curran-dorsano ben benjamin perszyk andy green gibson gib berglund punk rock al
6 songs
490 plays
This is probably our best song. If you listen to one, make it this.
Kaleidoscope Black
We're pretty proud of this song. One of our good ones.
My Understanding Of Truth
This is one of our only slower paced songs. The recording of this song actually only includes half of it.
This is probably one of our funnest songs to play live (with the possible exception of Gremlins). I wrote this song in 2 hours, and it hasn't gone through any revisions, which is surprising.
We are extremely surprised at the current success and popularity of this song. We have probably had the most problems with this song, and it has undergone lots of editing and revisions.
We're a teen garage band based in Minneapolis Minnesota who’ve been together for 2+ years now. (Previously known as ‘Broken Seam’) The Imitation Underground is mostly alternative rock, but it covers other sorts of styles including metal, grunge, emo, and punk. T.I.U. has successfully produced their first demo; a CD consisting of 3 original songs. (Why/Roland/My Understanding Of Truth.) The band is currently in the process of finding a new lead singer and is ready to start recording for their first full length CD. If you live in Minnesota and are interested in auditioning, see our site for more information. http://www.imitationunderground.cjb.net
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Various places in Edina & Minneapolis. Mostly school functions, but every year we play at Mall Of America (in support for The Walk To Cure Diabetes)
Your musical influences
Our influences vary. Our biggest ones though are Sum 41, Green Day, Nirvana, Finch, and The Used.
What equipment do you use?
As far as equipment goes, we like to use the biggest things we can get our hands on. Right now, Gibson the rhythm guitarist, plays a Gibson Epiphone, Special SG model and a 10-watt amp, but his secondary amp is either 160 watts or 500 watts, we’re not really sure. For the rest of the band, they all use other people's equipment that they have stolen or borrowed indefinitely. Andy uses his brother's 25-watt guitar amp and Julia's 75-watt amp. And for singing Andy uses a girl's amp we "borrowed" two years ago. He plays a B.C. Rich Warlock bronze series. Ben has his own drum set, but almost always uses Andy's brother's drums. Michael uses...I’m not sure, it doesn't really matter because he is only the bassist, but I’m sure it's stolen. If you can't tell, we don't like paying for things.
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